It’s Time to Bring the Geek Back to UTB Geek

Just a short time ago, we completed our site redesign. In doing so, we brought UTB Geek to UTB Blogs. In case you didn’t know, UTB Geek was a separate site, powered by the same folks that bring you UTB Blogs, but it had a different purpose, and a different method.

UTB Blogs was our BlackBerry site, which is of course, our primary reason cause. UTB Geek was our fun site. A place where we could be a little less serious, and a place where we could write about those things outside of mobile tech that interested us. As far as Geek sites go, it was a little sparse. As it was a secondary site for us, it never really got the attention it deserved, and since all mobile tech news was relegated to UTB Blogs, it meant a big portion of geek news was being left off of the site.

With our UTB Blogs site redesign, that all changed. Or should have. The concept behind the new design was to have 4 sites in one. UTB BlackBerry in the pole position, bringing everything BlackBerry to the front of the line. UTB Secure, which would house the ever increasing amount of cybersecurity news, and UTB Geek, which would be everything our old site was, as well as being able to include mobile tech news that just didn’t belong in UTB BlackBerry.

Well, we haven’t really followed through on that. We’ve managed to keep all non-BlackBerry mobile tech news to UTB Geek, but we’ve left the world of movies, comics, and gaming behind. Honestly, I’ve been a bit worried about bringing it here. UTB Blogs has been our BlackBerry site after all. Our readers are used to us talking about other parts of the mobile tech world, like iPhones blowing up, and iPhone updates killing phones, and Apple really just being a rather unpleasant company with equally unpleasant offerings, they didn’t really follow us on to the UTB Geek site.

But anyone that worked on UTB Geek would tell you one thing. It was fun. We got to talk about things that we liked, or didn’t like. We could be a little more opinionated, a little more irreverent, and a little more fun. Not to mention, it gives us something to keep ourselves busy when the mobile tech news cycle slows down.

Over the next few weeks, expect to see a bit of a return to the old ways. Don’t be surprised when movie news, Kickstarter gadgets, video game news and more within the UTB Geek category on UTB Blogs.

I’m excited to dip back in to this world, and hope our BlackBerry and Secure readers will join us in Geek.


BlackBerry Elite Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs and UTB Geek. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.