Three Free Games from FunKoi and BlackBerry!

All three are awesome.
All three are awesome.

BlackBerry and the devs from Funkoi Ltd got together to offer three great games that usually cost money, but are now free!

The first game is Tunnel X…


Try your luck in the most brutal challenge of them all, Tunnel X. Avoid the laser obstacles and fight to get to the top score amongst your friends and other players world wide.
Turn up the sound and feel the beat, the mesmerizing gameplay will keep you entertained for a long time.

Kiwi Wonder


Everyone has a dream, and for this particular Kiwi, it is to fly like all the other birds. With a little help from Mily the Dream Pixie, his wish is fulfilled when she shows him the way to Wonderland.
Dream the dream and fly! Challenge your friends and get the ultimate high-score in this challenging action game

  Soar through surrealistic landscapes, avoid the mean birds or stomp them on their snickering faces and collect as many coins as you can before you wake up!
This is the World Premier for Funkoi’s latest title and Blackberry owners get to play it first! Help Kiwi to fly and continue his dream. And shushhh! Do not wake him up.

Alpha Zero


Alpha Zero is our take on the classic 2.5D scrolling shoot ‘em up. The game has unique controls, beautiful graphics, and awesome boss-fights.

Forget about on-screen joysticks, this is a game made for touch input and should redefine some of your assumptions of hard core gaming on a mobile device.

You can find all three in BlackBerry World by clicking on the links.

Kiwi Wonder
Alpha Zero

Enjoy, because I know I will!