Thousands Of Minecraft Accounts Infected With New Malware

The malware is being distributed through custom character skins.

Minecraft users beware. There is a new malware campaign underway that has so far infected nearly 50,000 user accounts. The malware is being distributed through custom skin files used to personalize the game.

The malware, discovered by cybersecurity company Avast, is fairly basic. It can potentially be used to reformat hard drives, delete data and system files. While the simplicity of the malware is not impressive, the method of delivery is more of the issue. The malware riddled files have been uploaded and are available for download through Minecraft’s legitimate domain.

“The malicious code is largely unimpressive and can be found on sites that provide step-by-step instructions on how to create viruses with Notepad,” Avast said. “While it is fair to assume that those responsible are not professional cybercriminals, the bigger concern is why the infected skins could be legitimately uploaded to the ‘Minecraft’ website. With the malware hosted on the official ‘Minecraft’ domain, any detection triggered could be misinterpreted by users as a false positive.”

Many affected users are finding abusive messages within their inboxes. This could be a clue as to if the user was infected with the malware.

Avast warns users that have downloaded skin files, to run an antivirus scan.


Source: Variety


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