Thousands of Israelis Exposed After iFreelance Site Leak

TheMarker website reports that users of iFreelance are exposed after their sensitive information has been leaked on the internet. The person who discovered the hole was a company customer who happened to be working on cyber security, and he found that he could easily access financial information and other users information.

iFreelance is a web accounting service that is also available on your mobile phone. Each user can get their tax year summaries and other financial details that are very sensitive. The user who discovered the hole actually noticed that the URL after backing up his data showed an address followed by his ID number, the customer realized that if he typed in another person’s ID number he could see his details and maybe even make changes.

The customer also noticed that if you type the following URL in Google search there is a possibility to get information about other users in the service, definitely a dangerous hole.

The reporter for the newspaper Raphael Goichman contacted the accounting firm to warn of the security hole. “IFreelance has been in existence for more than seven years and has never been breached. As with any financial system, we occasionally absorb various attacks, which of course did not succeed. “



Roy Shpitalnik

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