Thorsten Heins Remains CEO of Powermat


Powermat seems to be going through a bit of an internal struggle, in which media, including us here at UTB were led to believe that the former CEO of BlackBerry had been ousted from his position.

Former CEO and Chairmann Ran Poliakine seems to be at odds with Powermat, and released mediation materials to the press, suggesting that these materials was the direction that had been taken. In truth, these materials were rendered “null and void”. The statement by the company states that the release of these mediation materials by Poliakine “is in clear violation of legal standards and the good faith parties expect during mediation. In addition, various press reports misrepresent the mediation materials and suggest there is a binding agreement, which is not the case.’

Thorsten Heins states, “I am proud of the accomplishments the Powermat team has made over the past year as we form new partnerships, expand our user base and roll out our new platform. We are building a stable and growing business. For example, Powermat users logged a record-breaking 150 million charging minutes over the past year. I am gratified by the continuing support I have received from the company’s principal shareholders as we take Powermat in exciting new directions.”

Neil Auerbach, CEO of Hudson Clean Energy Partners and Powermat board member, and Frank Carmel, a director of the Company representing Chris Burch and affiliated shareholders, made the following joint statement: “Thorsten Heins has done a tremendous job of focusing Powermat on real shareholder value creation following Ran Poliakine’s departure after eight years. Thorsten enjoys the support of a majority of the board, and selflessly expressed his willingness to make significant personal sacrifices in the interest of eliminating shareholder disputes. Mr. Heins remains the CEO of Powermat, with our confidence in his ability to bring true shareholder value, despite the harassing litigation and other actions taken by Mr. Poliakine and his allies.”

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