Thor: Ragnarok Director Set to Bring Flash Gordon to the Big Screen

Taika Waititi has signed on to breath new life into the space hero.

One of the most difficult things for directors is to bring to life someone else’s characters. This is compounded if the characters are beloved in the fandoms, or have mainstream appeal. Therefore, having a tested director on an untested character is encouraging. Flash Gordon has not seen a screen incarnation since SyFy’s 2007 single season attempt.

Gordon is an American polo player that is taken into space to help battle aliens and, presumably, save the universe. Planets may collide. Likened to Buck Rogers, and inspired by works from Edgar Rice Burroughs, the comic strip first appeared in 1934. Gordon and his friend/love interest, Dale, are taken by Dr. Zarkov, and the three of them end up having space adventures for years.

As with most of the comics from the ’30s, there’s an artistry and a camp that blends into a world seeped into depression but clinging to the former style of life. This humor and attitude enrich the story, and fans hope it is not lost in this new project.

Thor: Ragnarok is one of my personal faves in the MCU. Perhaps its the result of bias since The Dark World has largely been erased from my memory, but I believe it’s because of the overall tone of the entire film. There is power, strength, humor, and heroics….everything I want in a superhero movie. I’ll expect the same in this new project.

Reports state the film with be a full-length animated feature which may allow for even more over-the-top action/humor to bring the fun into the film. There’s no release date yet. In fact, there’s no indication that they have begun working on filming.

If you’re ever unsure of Flash Gordon’s relevance, just remember Queen wrote the theme song for the 1980 movie staring Sam Jones.


Erica Davis

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