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Yes, that’s what most folks were thinking when earlier today John Legere, CEO of Tmobile (TMO), stated during an interview with CNET that he believed that BlackBerry was on a comeback trail. The same CEO who initiated a very public split with BlackBerry back in early 2014 over pricing structure. The same CEO who encouraged John Chen to contact him via My Space (implying John was behind the times). The same CEO who then decided to carry the Classic earlier this year?!?

According to the interview, TMO may be carrying the Priv sooner than later. Amazing how quickly things can mend when a new, innovative phone comes out. Carriers have demos available, phones in stock, and best of all, trained salespeople who actually listen to your needs!

While I won’t hold my breath for TMO to actually sell the Priv before years’ end, all-in-all it’s a positive sign and a move in the right direction!

TMO is coming #BackToBlack



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