This Is What TCL Has Been Working On?

No thank you.

As a BlackBerry fan, I’m constantly hoping to see some good news from TCL. TCL is the manufacturer behind BlackBerry Mobile, and if there is any chance of me getting a new BlackBerry phone in my hands any time soon, it will be coming from TCL. But it surely seems like TCL has been busy with other things lately. There is news. But it’s not good news.

CNET has recently posted images and impressions of a prototype from TCL. Sadly, it’s not a BlackBerry prototype. And it’s surely not a device you’d ever find in my pocket.

A year or so ago, folding phones seemed to be the wave of the future. Samsung’s folding phone was all the news, until it seemed to destroy itself with minor use and had to be re-engineered. A few other phone manufacturers also brought forward folding phones. They surely captured headlines, even if they didn’t seem to capture the hearts, or dollars, of users.

Well, TCL didn’t want to be left behind, and showed off their hinged concept at trade shows. In all honesty, their Dragon Hinge seemed to make much more sense than what we were seeing with other manufacturers, and if you were interested in folding phones, it looked like it might just be something you’d want to keep an eye on. This new prototype though… whoa.

The new prototype which CNET managed to play with, folds into thirds, one forward, and one backward, presenting a z-shaped device that allows for a phone sized screen, double that, or triple the screen. When folded down to it’s smallest phone form, you will be holding a device that will look and feel like three phones stacked on top of each other.

What a disaster.

I hope TCL chooses to market this as a collapsible tablet, easy to throw in your bag, as opposed to a phone. Can you imagine trying to fit this beast into a pocket? Can you imagine wanting to?

TCL seems to have taken to the folding phone game like it is a disposable razor company. One blade isn’t enough? How about two? Three? Five??? Hey TCL, what happens when Huawei announces a phone with three hinges? Perhaps then they’ll realize this is a game not worth playing, and will realize that they hold the brand that created the smartphone revolution. Perhaps then, they’ll realize that they should have actually pushed a BlackBerry rebirth, instead of placing the brand on the backburner.


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