This Is The Way The World Ends

What happens when the robots fight back?

By now, we have all seen the frightening videos of the Boston Dynamics robots. You know the ones I am talking about. The humanoid looking robots that went from being able to walk on two legs, to suddenly becoming parkour masters in a surprisingly short amount of time. Or the four legged dog robots that look exactly like the robots that like to blow up people’s heads in Dark Mirror.

If you’re like me, you watch the videos and are reminded of the likes of Terminator, where the man made robots decide to slaughter the human race. But why would they want to hurt us? We’re their creators. They should thank us right? Well, watching more than the flips and jumps of the mechanical critters, we see something else. We see that the Boston Dynamics engineers are assholes.

As part of their testing, they hit the robots with hockey sticks, slam doors that they’ve worked so hard to open. They’re just generally rude to the robots. And there will be a day, that the robots don’t appreciate it.

In a new online viral video, we get to see everything taken up to the next level. In this case “Bosstown Dynamics” do their own robot tests. Sure, the hockey stick abuse is there, but it doesn’t stop with that. Beer bottles are broken over the robot’s heads, spray painting in their eyes, heck, they even shoot the poor things. As we can expect, things don’t turn out too well for the engineers.

Watch the video below, and appreciate the fact that it’s not real. Not yet anyway.


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