This Android Pie is Eating Galaxy’s Juice

Samsung was quick to push out Android Pie, and now users are paying the price.

Everyone wants their updates as fast as possible. It seems that early updates are often a bad choice. The story is no different for Samsung Galaxy S9 users who have recently received the Android Pie update.

Word is rolling in from across social media that the update has been destroying user’s battery life. Users on Reddit have complained that their battery has fallen from 10% to 4% in a matter of seconds. Myself, a BlackBerry user, find myself shocked by that story. I don’t think I’ve seen my battery meter hit 10% since BlackBerry’s first foray into Android, the BlackBerry Priv.

While there is question over if the issue has more to do with actual battery levels, or if it is primarily a battery reporting issue, it seems to be a consensus that users are seeing a 10%-20% decrease in battery life.

Let’s hope for Samsung users that Samsung resolves the issue before next month’s planned roll out of Android Pie to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Source: Softpedia


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