This Ain’t Your Parent’s Watchmen

HBO’s new Watchmen series is not a retelling of the legendary comic.

How many versions of the same story are really needed? That is the plague of the comic book movie. The top characters, and the top franchises, seem to be rebooted every few years, with a new telling of the same origin. Realistically, do we ever need another origin story of Superman, Batman or Spiderman? Personally, I don’t care who’s behind the storytelling, it’s a story I’ve seen far too many times.

The legendary Watchmen comic series is a classic, and has already been made into a big screen movie. When news broke that HBO was going to be producing it’s own series version of Watchmen, I thought that it would simply a be a retelling of the same story. While told in series format, more of the story could be told than in the movie, and yet still, who needs the same story again so soon? Not me. And it appears HBO sees it that way too.

Upon viewing the teaser trailer for the new HBO series, you immediately know that this is not the same Watchmen story. Instead, this series will take place after the events of the Watchmen comics series and the movie. Instead of a rehash, or a reboot, we get to see the results. Genius move HBO. This is something I can get behind.


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