Thinking Of Your Safety

Hello there people!

Here at UTB we are always thinking of security etc, well, we wouldn’t be BlackBerrians otherwise would we?


Well, an eagle eyed reader of UTB and my Channel sent me a link, thanks Zil, and this article literally had me rolling on the floor with laughter!

Where shall we start? Well, we all know that the native browser will warn us of dodgy websites, I have FireFox browser that warns of malicious websites if you happen to click a link you’ve been sent, and now you lucky people, Google have warned of a new threat…

That’s right! Google is warning you that…

“some pages on this website redirect visitors to dangerous [ones] that install malware on visitors’ computers.”

what more can you say?

So maybe the guys at Google are beginning to see the light? Will we start getting warnings from android apps too? Doubtful…

Will Apple start warning us of issues? Have they ever?

Either way, we all know the only way to stay safe is to stay BlackBerry!

Reverend Grim

Who is Reverend Grim? Not many people know. He has a channel on BBMC C000117D3 where he smites the rotten Apple. He has a photographic channel too C0045B753 seeing as he's actually a photographer. All we know is that he preaches the safe, secure word... BLACKBERRY and BB10! He will welcome anyone #BacktoBlack and into the United Temple of BlackBerry for a sermon and a cup of tea, even Brad who doesn't understand a word he says!