These are the consequences of a ransom attack, and therefore it is very worthwhile to defend yourself correctly

The Democrats in Pennsylvania paid nearly $ 1 million to rebuild their IT infrastructure.

Following a ransom attack on Democratic Senate systems in Pennsylvania in March 2017 they had to rebuild their IT system and that cost a lot of money. According to the report, the Pennsylvania senate paid about $ 700,000 to Microsoft to help them build the entire infrastructure.

The attack occurred on March 3, 2017, when the company’s servers fell, including the Web Services. All the files on the servers were encrypted and the ransom requirement was only 28 Bitcoin coins, equivalent at the time to the $ 30,000 amount they refused to pay.

Since they did not pay or receive the key to opening files from encryption, they tried to restore most of the data from backups in Pennsylvania, but of course not enough was recovered.

When a company or organization goes through an attack that affects the IT system, such as hacking or ransom attacks, it is best to rebuild everything as needed.

A similar incident took place this year in March in Atlanta, where SamSam was attacked by a powerful ransom after the attack in Atlanta decided to rebuild the IT system, which ultimately cost them $ 17 million, while Colorado invested $ 1.5 million in rebuilding after an identical attack Of SamSam.

Another organization that paid a lot of money to properly repair a hole in the wake of a ransom attack is a medical center in Buffalo, where they preferred not to pay $ 30,000 a ransom, but to pay $ 10 million to rebuild their security.

Many organizations still do not understand that it is worthwhile investing in good systems and tools to prevent attacks on the company’s systems, and instead continue to absorb attacks because they also close one hole if the array is not built properly, the next hole already exists.


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