There’s a New BBM Beta in the Google Play Store

If you’re in the BBM Beta program, there’s some nice surprises ahead.

A new BBM Beta just popped up in the Google Play Store today, and this is a rather nice one with a few nice surprises. Let’s look at each of the items noted in the change log, plus a surprise that’s not listed.

Albums added to your BBM profile- Check out your BBM contact’s past posts and images.

With BBM’s last update, we were introduced to the Public Profile. Bringing a bit of what we’re used to in social media to BBM. With the profile, if another user is in your contact list, or if that user had made their profile public, you could see what they had posted to their feed. Suddenly, the feed was not just for your current status, but it became a timeline like what you would find in Twitter or Facebook.

Now that profile is categorized a little better. The “Post” tab is still there, so you can thumb through all the prior posts to feeds, but there is also a “Gallery”. The gallery is like what we’re used to seeing in BBM groups, and you can thumb through just the photos that has been posted to that contact’s feed.

Share video in groups; swipe through group images an videos.

Sure, we’ve been able to share videos in BBM groups for a while now. Have you done it? It works very well, and just keeps getting better. Now those videos shall show up within the group gallery along with photos. Swipe away to look at recent pics and videos shared within the group.

Easily share content with more people in the NEW contact multi-picker!

If you’re like me, you share primarily through BBM. After all, that’s where all the cool kids are. It can sometimes be frustrating to have to find that perfect meme in your photo app, then share to a contact, then have to go back and do it again to share to someone else. It can be very frustrating if you have several people you want to share with, and they’re not in the same group. You can say goodbye to that frustration.

When you share to BBM contacts now, you will notice that all of your contacts are listed, just as they always have been, but not there is a check box next to each of their names. Click off all you want to share to, and enjoy the free time you just saved. Maybe it’s time to start a new hobby with all that new free time.

More dark colours added to chat background.

Well, here in the US we spell it “colors”, but I’m a fan of dark backgrounds, so I’ll let that slide.

But just this time.

Surprise feature.

And the secret surprise that’s not listed in the change-log? You can now delete sticker packs! We’ve been able to rearrange and hide sticker packs for quite sometime. I know numerous people that have wished to be able to delete sticker packs. With the ability to hide, I’ve never understood this undying need to delete packs, but there are certainly enough people that want it. Apparently, as usual, BBM has been listening, and now the option is there.

Are you in the BBM Beta? Are there any new features you may have noticed that we left out? If so, let us know in the comments below.


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