There’s an app for that!


I have a BlackBerry. To many that would seem like a limitation, but only because they have never tried one, or explored it’s features. Let me see… do you need to view on a big screen? There’s an app for that, probably not for BlackBerry though. Do you need access to your airlines version of wifi? There’s an app for that too. For BlackBerry? Who knows? Your favourite bank? Again… well you get the idea, BlackBerry seems to really be lacking in most of the apps that people feel are quite basic…the explanation for that is really quite simple. BlackBerry doesn’t need it. BlackBerry can stream to your TV, your normal TV, without an app. There is an excellent music player, nothing more is needed. Missing the app from your bank? There is no need. BlackBerry has the best browser and most banks have excellent mobile sites. Speaking of browser, have you come across a PDF or similar file? Store it on your phone… do that without an app on any other platform? hmmmmm. He’ll do that on an iPhone without a jailbreak -not! Get the picture? BlackBerry on BB10 is ready for you out of the box. No you don’t need an “app for that”


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