There’s a New Secure Phone on the Horizon, and BlackBerry has Nothing to Worry About


Secure phones, it’s the new thing. Well, let’s be honest, it’s a new thing for most companies. It’s old hat for BlackBerry. Security didn’t seem to matter to the mass market. Instead, the focus was on, you guessed it, apps. And the consumer forgot about security, BlackBerry’s market share dwindled, and phone companies that chose to put a mobile arcade in your pocket while caring naught for your personal security became the global leaders in the smartphone market.

But the world is changing. People are getting hacked. People are having their identities stolen. People are finding their bank accounts emptied. People are opening their cell phone bills to find hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges thanks to apps that serve a different, malevolent purpose, than the purpose they installed it for.

Security is becoming a powerful word in the industry. Companies like Google are suddenly worrying about getting monthly security updates out. Companies like Samsung are promising to get the updates to their users, and failing. Companies like Apple are grandstanding on fights with governments, in the attempt to appear that they are secure. Wow did that backfire!

All the while, BlackBerry sits quietly in the background, being the secure phone that the others wish to be. Offering the most secure, and in my opinion, the best mobile OS on the market, BlackBerry found that quality and security was ignored by the general consumer, with only a small number of die-hards and enterprise customers staying on board. So BlackBerry did something no one else has been able to do. They secured Android. While most of us die-hards are still not willing to believe this OS which has the worst security reputation (yet not the worst record, that belongs to Apple’s iOS) is truly secured, we’ve yet to see any of the hacks that other OEM’s see regularly. The fact that the Priv has yet to be rooted should be all the proof we need.

Meanwhile, other companies are attempting to get in on the secure action. We’ve seen Blackphone, who’s security is based on a second data contract, and which is only truly secure when communicating with another Blackphone, attempt to take BlackBerry’s spot. Guess what, it hasn’t. We’ve seen Jolla’s Sailfish attempt to push itself as a secure phone, only to find themselves reach the end of their funding, and are now dependent on the success of the upcoming hyper-premum priced Turing phone. There’s been many companies come and go.

Today we learned of one more company entering the fray. And this company should not concern any BlackBerry fans. This is the creation of a start-up called Sirin. A British-Israeli company promises to bring a cell phone with “unprecedented levels of technology and security” to market next month. Although, the unprecedented levels are anyone’s guess at this point. Sirin raised $72 million in private funding to launch the device, but that funding isn’t being used to make an affordable phone. No, not at all. This phone is planned to retail for close to $20,000. Yes, I didn’t stutter on the ‘0’ key. The phone will supposedly bring the “most advanced technology available – and combining it with military-grade security” and that has a high cost.

Sirin believe that executives shall buy it. I believe they won’t.

In the end, there is one company that has been keeping it’s users secure since the advent of the smartphone, and continues to do it today. Even as old news and non-news is dragged forward and shouted to the public with surprising narratives with no substance, BlackBerry continues to do what it’s always done. Keep it’s users safe. We users simply need to sit back, and realize that this market, this market of security and privacy, is a market the other manufacturers are trying to claw their way in to. This is also the market which BlackBerry owns wholly. There’s a reason why articles questioning BlackBerry’s security seem to be all the rage right now.

In case you’re wondering why? Here’s a hint: It has nothing to do with journalistic integrity.




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