The Z10 Is Better Than The Z30!

If you clicked this title and are reading this, you’ve fallen prey to my devious “click-bait” strategy to get you to read. (Just playing.) I actually don’t think any of the current lineup of BBRY devices are bad, better, or worse, and really, I think they all are good, just positioned differently with different advantages. For instance, one might say the Q10 is better than the Q5, but that would be ignoring the price; is it better considering the Q5 is far less expensive? So my thought get’s to how you define “better,” I guess. But certainly, when looking at the big picture, you have to consider price when evaluating “better.”

In any event, I can see a reason for buying any of the current devices and frankly, any of the forthcoming devices, including the Classic. So this is my approach, that choice is usually good, and that saying one device is “the best,” is probably more aptly described as “the best for me.” So one of the points of this post is that I don’t believe in a so called “flagship” device, at least not in the BBRY lineup. Rather, I think all the devices have their purpose. At some point I suppose it’s possible to overwhelm the consumer with choices that overlap each other too much, but I don’t think that’s happened yet for BBRY.

I realize as BBRY fans, we tend to focus more on the slab (all touch) devices since they likely have the best chance of converting an Androidian or iPhonian to BBRY, but I have always felt that BBRY is productivity and security first and entertainment/media second, so secretly, I have thought the “real” BBRYs are the ones with keyboards. Fortunately, with 10.2 and the current lineup we have both productivity and fun in large measures.

I’m a SIM swapper and have been fortunate enough to have some extra cash and currently have a Z10, Q10, and Z30 in my “quiver” of BlackBerry devices. I tend to swap devices once or twice per week, typically going back and forth between the Q and one of the Z’s. I see my Q10 as my daily driver for business and the Z’s as business capable, but more media and entertainment oriented. I think the main advantage of the Z devices over the Q, besides screen size, is one handed typing is far easier for me as the words (predictive text) being on the keyboard (letters) are easier than the way they’re presented on the Q, above the keyboard. I got the Z10 when Verizon first made it available, then the Q10 when Verizon got that, and finally got the Z30 several weeks ago. Since then, I have been swapping between the Q and Z30, but finally, the Z10 caught my eye again, and I’m typing this up on it, which brings me to my point.

I think the Z10 has advantages over the Z30.

There, I said it.

As much as I love the 30 for the big screen, battery life, and stereo sound (which is totally awesome BTW), I love the size and shape of the Z10 and think this presents a compelling reason to buy/use this device over the Z30. I am about 6’1″ tall and have decent sized hands and although I can readily use the Z30 with one hand, the Z10 is simply more convenient and easier. Holding the 10 in my hand, I can cover significantly more real estate on the screen than I can with the 30. I can use the 30 with one hand, but it invariably requires me to adjust the phone in my hand to do so. With the 10, there are far fewer adjustments required. It seems many of us BBRY fans have been extolling the virtues of the 30 and have more or less, ignored the Z10, since the Z30 came out. I can see that the 30 is certainly spec’d-out better than the 10, but I believe the 10 is a good device in it’s own right and has a distinct advantage, which is it’s form factor and being easier to use with one hand, should that be of interest to someone.

I also think the power management strategy for the Z10 has some advantages. Despite the ginormous battery in the 30, I still find myself “managing” the power to insure I don’t run out. This means, I might plug the Z30 in at my desk for 30 or 60 minutes when I really don’t feel like it, where as with the Z10 and the BBRY power bundle, I always have a fully charged battery on hand, so I feel more confident in using the 10 in a more “aggressive” or unguarded manner.

Please don’t misunderstand me. The Z30 battery is truly a beast and even when I’m charging it at my desk it’s not out of fear I’ll actually run out, it’s more because I don’t like even falling below 30% charge; maybe I’m over cautious when at work since my phone is so important to me for work. In any event, the Z10 allows you to swap batteries and that must be considered an advantage in some situations.

So my question for everyone is twofold: 1) Do you think the Z10 is a lesser phone than the Z30 or do you think it’s just different, and 2) do you buy into the idea of a “flagship” device or think it’s all about choice?

Oh, and BTW, if anyone disagrees with me, I’m deleting your comments!!!

Sorry. Just kidding.

james pisano

RIM/BB fan since 2009. Wouldn't consider entrusting my career, life or privacy to another platform. Foremost, I am a student of life. Some likes: longboarding, nature, Baltimore Orioles, technology, driving, music, reading and Taoism. Politically independent.

  • Blackjack

    Damn blackberry we have to buy all of them for each of their advantages! That’s why they didn’t make the best of all world’s slider!!!!!

    • Hmm. I’m so shocked you would bring up the slider BJ… :P

  • Bigglybobblyboo

    3 things to that…

    1) The Z10 is STILL to die for compared to many phones out there today. It was Thors answer to the iPhone and it should have been just that if he hadn’t cocked up the marketing so badly (thanks Frank). iPhone 5S vs Z10? Z10 wins every time.

    2) The Z10 has something. I don’t know what it is but whilst I love my LOVE my Z30 but I ADORE my Z10, even though I hardly pick it up now, It sits in a drawer as my backup but could I get rid of it? No chance. I really struggled with my decision to change to my Z30 even though it is a superior piece of kit. Why? I don’t know! Maybe it’s the clean graphics on the Z10, maybe it;s the form factor, maybe it’s because it was the BlackBerry many of us had been waiting for.

    3) Absolutely James! Look at the choice! Whilst Apple offer one phone BlackBerry offer loads to suit your needs and the best bit? They don’t abandon an older model. Whilst iOS and Android updates brick phones or introduce nasty bugs BlackBerry make sure their user base is looked after. None of this ‘It was Feb 2013’s phone you’d better upgrade’ nonsense.

    • Good points Biggs! I wish I thought of them! locco_smiley_28

  • ital1

    I agree with Biggly as I don’t think that I can part with my Z10 even though the Z30 is my daily phone, and a superior device. The Z10 is a great phone, and that just goes to show just how good the Z30 really is.

  • jrohland

    The Z30 is the BEST phone currently available. There is no argument! If you cannot afford it, buy the next best BlackBerry. But to argue any other phone is better, makes no sense.

    If the Z30 is too big for your hands, have your fingers lengthened. It is that good!

    If you must have a physical keyboard, deal with it until Passport/PassPort.

    • Blackjack

      I’m dealing I’m dealing! My way of dealing was to get a Z30 in the interim.

      Can’t stand the VKB but it’s the best one out there and I own the best phone currently on the market and it’s a technological wonder for my collection!

      Soon to be retired to the trophy shelf when the Classic and Passport arrive.

      • Anthony

        Oh you finally upgraded to a BB10 device. locco_smiley_10

        Flick typing will convert you into a VKB lover?

        • veeru789

          Even if he likes it he will still not admit it :p

          • Lol! =))

          • Anthony

            That’s true. locco_smiley_35

    • Well, the Z30 is not the best for someone with small hands or for someone who wants a PKB.

      And I assume you’re being tongue in cheek when you said “to argue any other phone is better” because I never argued that. I argued the Z10 has advantages over the Z30 and that every device in the BBRY lineup is worthy of ownership.

      But I appreciate your enthusiasm!

      • jrohland

        Yes, I was being a little tongue-in-cheek. I understand the Q10 is a very good choice for some, depending on your needs.

        • I figured this would “stir up the pot” a little cause it seems so many BB fans have voted the Z30 as the de jure best BB device. But I switched back to my Z10 recently and felt more comfortable with the size and after I thought about it, I figured no one phone could be the best for everyone. I mean, not if there are options.

          Like someone might say the Bugatti Veyron is the best car made, but is it best for a mother of 3? Anyway- thanks for your comments. I can see that my opinion is not the popular one!

    • Undbiter65

      I have small hands. Very small hands. Get teased actually (about the size of a small woman’s hands lol. Yup. That small). And I STILL say Z30 is simply the best phone out there. No issues at all using it.

      • that’s because all you do is SnapChat your lewd pics!!! :P


  • Blackjack

    Getting hooked on the FM radio so that Classic and Passport better have one!

    • Cool! I haven’t tried the FM radio. But I can see it could come in handy.

  • christopherburk

    I am sorry guys, but I do not even know where my Z10 is. It is somewhere in the office, but the Z30 is just too good for me to even bother looking for the Z10. I have been offered money for it but will NOT part with it. My Harome is never going to be broken up. But just like my torch, the bold, my 8830, and 9860, the Z10 is a retired soldier.

  • nnik

    I hate the “flagship” terminology….. it may suit Samsung devices, all most of them need is a mast and away you go.
    As for BlackBerry, I have a Z10, Z30 and used to have a Q10&5, I prefer the 30 overall but like the Z10 because of its size. The Qs were great but lacked screen size… I’m 50 now and slowly going blind

    • I actually really agree. Many will be inclined to say the Passport is BBRY ‘s “flagship,” but what does that mean? What if someone wants a one handed phone? I mean, I LOVE the form factor of my Q10. It’s so efficient in so many ways, one of which is the size is perfect for one handed use of the screen. It also fits easily in the pocket.

      I’m convinced there is no “best” in the BBRY lineup; there are just good choices.

  • xBURK

    I’m just glad BlackBerry is in a position to offer so many great options. We have two Z10’s and one Z30 in my household. Both extremely useful, both extremely appreciated. Nice read, thank you!

  • veeru789

    Nice try James. 30 is still better :p

  • dillon z30

    Love my Z30, but can only imagine that the Z10 is brilliant as I have never used one. But it’s a BB10 phone so of course it would be great. I upgraded from my 9900 to the Z30 as soon as it came out in Australia November last year, the only reason I new of it was my contract was up and I wanted another BlackBerry, did some research and found a whole new line of them. Shows how much marketing they done here. Maybe the Passport next or….the new all touch next year.

    • That sucks that the marketing isn’t as good in Australia. Frankly, it hasn’t been very good anywhere for a while. BBRY never marketed to the consumer public very well. The good news is, under Chen, (I have no doubt) BBRY will do some great marketing when the time is right!

  • BB Racer !!

    Love the Z10 but a constant worry of the battery ( I had to charge it constantly and must have a battery bundle) , if BlackBerry came out with a 4.5 inch Z10 ( BlackBerry Knight) with a 3000Ah battery, loud speakers, great resolution screen and a 10.3OS what a device that would be !! My Z30 with periodic charging and my battery bundle ready to charge my Z30 on stand by I never never never worry about the battery life on my Z30 period $. Reading PDF via my NSR pdf reader on the large screen is awesome, reading stock market quotes on the larger screen is great. I also find mobile sites render well on the Z30 because of the larger screen. Typing on the Z30 larger virtual keyboard is another big advantage when I am typing 3 languages …..i see my tri- lingual words much better. Viewing charts and documents on the Z30 is very efficient and readable to edit. Being a musician and a Youtube music junkie the larger screen and great speakers on the Z30 is GREAT $. On that note ….I love the Qwerty so the Passport is a must and the Z10 screen resolution eats my Z30 for lunch and the Z10 is a better one hand device vs my Z30….that I miss !!!!

    • I forgot to mention the screen! I like the muted colors on the Z10 better than the ones on the Z30 or Q10. I know the Z10 screen tech is different and I like it, the colors aren’t as warm or something.

  • bartron

    The perfect phone has

    1) a big screen for games, video and reading
    2) a small narrow screen for one-handed navigation and handling
    3) it has a wide screen for typing. :-)

    For me, those numbers are 1) 5 inches diagonal 2) 4.2 inches diagonal 3) 80mm wide

    • So it sounds like the perfect phone has all different size screens… I think it also has a physical keyboard for two hand typing and a virtual keyboard for one hand typing…

  • newcollector

    As a Z10 owner who wanted to get the Z30 when it was released I would have to say that they are just different. Each has its advantages over the other. These have all been trumpeted by their respective protagonists, so I won’t. The truth of the matter is they both get the job done. BlackBerry did a great job with the phones and with upgrading the OS. Unfortunately they didn’t marker well and not many people have seen just how great these phones are. If you own a Z10 or a Z30 you win.

    • Newcollector- you have summed it up better than I did. Thanks!