The world of Fitbit



I’ve officially taken the plunge!

While I’m aware of wearables, I’ve never personally owned or worn one. Today I received the Fitbit Blaze in the mail and must admit it’s a lot easier to get started than I thought. First, I went to the Amazon App Store and downloaded the Fitbit app, followed by MyFitnessPal, and finally the Endomondo Pro app.



Next I charged the Fitbit by removing the dial and placing it directly into the charging case. Finally I set up an account, paired my Fitbit to my Leap and voile’!

Setting up the apps was a breeze- taking only a couple of minutes!

Now I’m all set to waddle out into the world and watch the pounds drop off slowly but steadily.

I’ll be checking back in a few weeks to provide an update on functionality.


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