The Winds of Change. Or Priv, Priv, Priv.


From our growing forums comes a comment that strikes a chord with many of us BlackBerry faithful, entitled “Priv, Priv, Priv”. Thanks BB4tw!

I started to reply in that thread and thought to myself “Why not bring it out here?” So I did. Stay with me now…

A long time ago (when the earth was green) I was a BBOS 5/6/7 user and fan. During that time I/we started reading and learning about Playbook and the QNX powered PBOS along with the inevitable coming of the new and awesome BB10 OS.
We could feel the winds of change. We could see it coming. Some of us were horrified (Hi BD!), some of us were very curious, and some (like me) couldn’t wait for the new products and operating systems from BlackBerry.

I bought my PB on release day, which seems to be a habit with me. I would scour the internet daily looking for information, apps, and tips/tricks for my Playbook. I loved the flexibility that the Bridge gave me. That Playbook never left my side. It allowed me to dump my paper based notebook in meetings, and was my all in one device for pictures, notes and video for pre-fielding new customer sites.

When the Z10 was released I ran out and bought one immediately that day too. The change from BBOS was massive and a smack upside the head. Again I found myself finding ways to fulfill my needs on a new platform that were being served well on the old one. I still miss BlackBerry Traffic. But the things I lost were outshone by the things I gained. I lost some battery life, but I gained the HUB, multitasking, speed, better apps, and a better camera. I lost having to reboot the phone after installing an app. Don’t miss that.

Then I upgraded from Z10 to Z30. The increase in screen size meant the beginning of my Playbook becoming more of a couch device instead of being with me everywhere. To this day the Z30 stands tall as the best BB10 slab device IMHO. Awesome stereo speakers, great screen and fast enough for most apps. I love that thing.

Along comes another release day in September 2014 and I find myself walking out the door of my Telus dealer with a brand spanking new Passport. Wow. Talk about a massive change for me as I learned the fabulous keyboard and got used to “working wide”. The break-neck speed and power of the Passport must be experienced to be properly appreciated. Combine the now matured BB10 OS with this hardware and it’s difficult to understand what happens next.

Priv, Priv, Priv.

As we heard rumours of lower than desired handset sales we fought hard to promote BB10 here at UTB from the very beginning, and if you’ve read us here at all you know what we’re about. We are about BlackBerry.

John Chen made a decision. That’s what he was hired to do, and so far I think he’s doing a good job. He’s using Google, Android, and Samsung (among others) as tools to assist in the growth of the company now that he has righted the ship and turned it around.

So yet another release day comes last month, and there I am again at the carrier store with my contract up just as my curiosity is. Walking out of the store with my Priv came with a different feeling this time though. It was with a feeling of not being sure, or some form of trepidation. I went home, set it up and dove right in as deep as I could.

And here I sit today. Still with mixed feelings. I’ve been using the Priv as my daily driver with my Passport by my side everywhere I go.

The difference for me (and others it would seem) is that I am now using an OS that was considered the enemy. I have a secure boot device like BB10 but it’s a radical departure. I miss the multitasking. I miss Blend. I miss the peek and flow. I miss the “out of the box” functionality and ease of use. That being said, it is an excellent phone. Especially if you have not experienced BB10 recently.

Am I sorry that I bought the Priv? Absolutely not. Am I sorry that BlackBerry produced the phone? No. Am I disappointed that BlackBerry found it necessary to produce an Android based device? Damn straight I am. BB10 is a better OS than all the rest and I know that now because of first hand experience.

I am a BlackBerry fan, as most of you reading this are. As a BlackBerry fan I want the Priv to succeed. I NEED it to succeed so that I can purchase new BlackBerry hardware in the future. I want money gained in Priv sales to go towards BB10 development.

It’s complicated. I cannot apologize for all the Priv talk at UTB because we are all about BlackBerry’s success, but I also identify with all our BB10 loving brothers and sisters. Like I said, it’s complicated.

This story is about change (also known as rambling BS from Dave). It is about adaptation, and I’m hoping it is also about all of us sticking together and working towards the success of our favourite platform and company.

I am a BlackBerry fan. Soapbox mode off.


Dave Matthews here. I'm a phone guy by trade supplying VOIP systems for business and industry. BlackBerry devices, playing PRS guitars in my band, golf, and RC flight are my current passions.

  • BB Racer !!

    That’s what I am talking about ! BB10 pulls you back in !!

  • Martin

    BlackBerry, BlackBerry, BlackBerry
    At the end of the day that’s what matters, and as long as BlackBerry continues to make handsets and their software market share continues to grow.
    My hope is that the PRIV far exceeds expectations and brings the BlackBerry name back to the forefront in a positive light, all the while bringing in the $$$ for BlackBerry to hopefully continue with what is simply the best OS, and that would be BlackBerry 10!

  • jrohland

    As you say, complicated. I want Priv to sell enough so BlackBerry stays in the hardware game but not so well it eclipses BB10.

    Chen is a business man. He can look at the numbers. If the Priv is doing extremely well, it will be hard to justify BB10 to the board and shareholders. Reality bites.

  • Blackjack

    Nah… I resent having to adapt to technology because of market demands. It’s my whole reason for loving BlackBerry 10. It adapts to me. I choose a device that matches my way of working. That is what we’ll designed tech does. Am I happy BlackBerry is sucking in cash from the malinformed masses? Yes, but I’ll stick with BlackBerry 10 rather than adapt. As long as that is an option. And I don’t see ever needing more than a Passport. Thank you blackberry now everyone can blow away with the winds of change if that is the way it must be.

  • Anthony

    BB10 is an excellent OS to take further with more development and OS upgrades. BlackBerry certainly sees this, more-so after tweaking Android for the PRIV.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…Android users are hemdroid douches locco_smiley_44

  • alan510

    I have to completely agree with the hope that the Priv will really help BlackBerry sales. But I’ll stick with my Passport. It’s simply works the best for me. BlackBerry 10 is a super OS. Having said that, I might be induced to buy a version of the Priv to help with BlackBerry sales but only if the price point comes down. I just can’t justify paying more for the Priv than I did for my Passport. I’m not being cheap here; just don’t have the wherewithal to buy a Priv at the current cost.

  • newcollector

    BlackBerry first, then BB10, then Priv. My order of love. BB10 is a great OS and I love it. I hope BlackBerry continues developing and expanding it. If it doesn’t, then my hope is that the BlackBerry version of Android becomes increasingly BB10-like. Or my hope of hopes is that those Androidians will like what the see BlackBerry brings to the platform and will be willing to experience all the undiluted goodness of BB10.

  • Zensen

    Looks like it’s so out at Walmart. So som good news. If it is selling well I hope to see BlackBerry 10 get some focus too.

    After all the hub and what makes some of the software special comes from BlackBerry 10 dna.

    It’s not all about th slider though I’m sur having a keyboard is good for some wanting to stay with android

  • kel4003

    Been a lot of Berry purists asking themselves some hard questions since the Priv came to be.
    No question in my mind that bb10 is a superior os. It’s not going away. They don’t need to keep spending to improve bb10. A lot of time and money spent making apps compatible is now no longer necessary.

    I pulled out my Q5 with the cracked screen to post this. It still has the same version of bb10 as it did a year and a half ago when I parked it. But it still kicks ass over any Android I’ve ever tried. Really, I don’t see a big need for further improvement.

    But I do have a problem when a new trading app comes out and it isn’t in BlackBerry world or amazon app store, and yay! There it is on 1mobile market! But then it doesn’t work anyway….

    Now you can get a BlackBerry app launcher with the Priv, or you can get a bb10 model.

    Some howl in dismay at the thought of diluting the quality of the brand with the ever popular but less refined android os. Some lament the passing of bb10 as if it was a noble fallen warrior…


    The key to survival isn’t strength, it is adaptability.

    BlackBerry is showing this with its device agnostic approach.

    This phone will get a BlackBerry device in the hands of a whole new demographic. Folks who have never had a chance to know how much better the bb10 platform is. Lots of them.

    It seems to me that soon enough BlackBerry will simply be able to offer OTA upgrades to whatever OS you want on your device, or multiple platforms.

    What a perfect way to promote and easily provide demos of the bb10 os!

    See, it doesn’t have to be either or, it can be both.

  • Tracmila

    Say what you like about the Priv, but, one can’t get all cosy with android. You would have to be insane to do your banking on an android or put a password into it that you don’t want anybody else to know. Apps can’t be trusted even from Google play. Those that know anything about android security just can’t relax with android. It’s a constant wrestling match with your privacy.

  • Schmurf

    Canuckvoip, I am with you on pretty much all you said. The only difference is that because I’m not due for a new phone, I didn’t get the Priv. Otherwise, my story parallels yours.