The window just opened up for QNX



Growing up I had a friend who had a poster on her wall stating “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

So why the sudden nostalgia? Just recently it was reported that the system used to run Tesla cars was hacked! Given how well the QNX neutrino is established in automobiles (and other mission-critical industries*), I thought it may be an ideal time for QNX/BlackBerry to capitalize on the opportunity.

The QNX neutrino platform is currently present in over 60,000,000 vehicles on the road, more so than any other system. It appears in such makes like Acura, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Not only have QNX been present in automobiles for decades, they are leading the way for autonomous (self-driving) cars.

But the QNX platform does not end there – QNX touches our lives each and every day

Did you flip a light switch today? QNX technology controls thousands of power generation systems, from wind turbines to nuclear stations and hydroelectric plants.

Do you have an automatic vacuum robot sucking up the dirt from your carpet while you work late at the office? QNX tells it where to go to get at those dust bunnies.

Did you bob your head to a live band at a local dive? Their looping pedals drove those spacy tunes into your ears with QNX.

Did you go shopping for a new BlackBerry at a big-box store in North America on a hot day, enjoying the cool air? QNX technology helps keep HVAC systems humming there.

Even your favorite pair of comfortable jeans (casual Friday, for the win!) was likely moved from the factory floor to the retail store with QNX-powered automated warehouse systems. The sweater you wore with them could have been made with QNX-based spinning and weaving systems.


Going beyond the private sector, the QNX neutrino has earned the trust of industries with the most technical and rigorous specs. Industries such as the US Army, NASA, BAE Systems, Harris, Lockheed Martin, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and Boeing have engaged with QNX Software Systems. QNX is at the heart of mission critical systems such as-

Unmanned aircraft control systems, Acoustic sensors for tracking tank movements, JTRS wireless military radios, High-capacity data radios, Autonomous underwater vehicles, Guidance systems for anti-tank weapons, Embedded controllers for aerospace applications,  Wearable GPS/communication systems for ground troops, Transponder landing systems, Military weather satellite test beds, Type -1 HF radios,  Earth observation and exploration satellites

So I’ll close with a question-

who would you rather have controllong your car? A Johhny come lately company with flashy engineering plans, or a company with the rich and broad experience of QNX?


*medical devices, automotive, railway, military, flight, and nuclear facilities


kayaker co-pilot Tucson, it's a dry heat!

  • Anthony

    QNX is cool.

    A future BB10 device could be rebranded as QNX.

    QNX also has acoustics expertise.

  • leverspro

    Fascinating! I guess this is a technology that we’re just going to have to accept, as much as I prefer a car that wasn’t potentially hackable. Love my ’06 Bimmer!