The Totally Damning iPhone Video That BGR Doesn’t Want You To See.


We like to beat up on BGR because, well,  they often deserve it, have had it their own way far too long and the Universe needs to be kept in balance, or something like that.  But when reports of the iPhone 6 Plus bending like on overripe banana began to emerge we thought perhaps they’d turned over a new leaf.   Unlike the Verge which refused to report on Bendgate other than to mock it, (before being given a guided tour of Apple’s test facility and writing up what basically amounted to an Apple press release), BGR actually covered the controversy.

They published the original video by UnBox Therapy.  They even  called out the more delusional iSheep who apparently had been driven around “the bend” by the unfavourable coverage.  Of course they made sure to stay in Apple’s good graces by assuring their readers that the scandal would have no lasting effect and by pronouncing the flawed Consumer Reports test as “Definitive”.

But apparently it wasn’t enough! Fresh off his kneecapping of, it appears Tim “the Godfather” Cook made it known that BGR’s coverage of Bendgate was unhelpful. We can only speculate how the message was sent – perhaps our Resident iDiot Jonathon Geller woke to find the bent carcass of his favourite iPhone lying in bed beside him.  Who knows? But suddenly BGR went from reporting the news to suppressing it.

You see, dear reader, when BGR reported the Consumer Reports test, I tried to post the second iPhone bend test video from Unbox Therapy.   This video shows the phone being bent in real time, apparently with even less effort than in the first video, and with considerably less effort required  than claimed by Consumer Reports.   But a funny thing happened.   My comment with the link to the video got held for review and disappeared.   Another comment just referencing the video also never made it to publications, as did a couple of comments referring to BGR’s apparent policy of censorship.

I feel sorry for BGR. No, really. They tried to do the right thing by reporting an important story and ended up becoming Apple’s media gatekeepers.  Luckily, BlackBerry takes a more constructive approach to dealing with the media than Apple. They don’t threaten, they fact check.  And they stand by the quality of their product, for example challenging the media to bend the Passport. So the next time you see a negative story about BlackBerry on BGR, have some sympathy for the poor writer.  He probably likes the phone, but doesn’t dare say so for fear of what Apple will say.   Journalists have to eat too.

Oh, and here’s the video that BGR don’t want their readers to see

It’s ok BGR, UTB is always here to help.

Anything else you’re not allowed to show, you just send it our way and we’ll publish it for you.

Pinky promise!