The Tide Turning – Thank You John Chen For Bringing The Pride Back To BlackBerry

Yes, Its Been A Long Road
Yes, Its Been A Long Road

The image above pretty much sums up how it’s felt to be a BlackBerry user these last two years.

And it also gives you a good indicator of why this site is what it is – a sanctuary first and foremost for BlackBerry fans (dear Lord we needed it) and, if possible, a place for those coming #BackToBlack.

We’ve spent the last year in particular being battered from pillar to post, listening to the taunts and the mockery. You know the ones:

‘Oh, do they still make BlackBerry’s?

‘I heard they were dead’

‘Are they still in business?’

‘Oh, the Z30… the last BlackBerry ever…’

And on and on and on and on…

Even in the places we thought we were safe, the ‘old’ BlackBerry fan sites.

And, as depicted in the picture, the most frustrating thing is that the whole thing was built on lies.

Stupid, ignorant lies.

The biggest lie of all of course, still desperately being perpetuated in SOME areas of the media, is that Android and Apple are SO FAR ADVANCED of BlackBerry products. That BlackBerry is still just all physical keyboards and outdated software. That BlackBerry has no apps.

But we know better.

So, whilst the tiny brains had their fun all we needed was someone to help us.

And, thanks to Prem, we got him. A man who got it. A man who within months, even from a position of supposed weakness, was talking the talk of a BlackBerry fan, describing iPhonians (that’s one of the small brained ones) as ‘Wall Huggers’, and, only recently, pointed out also what every BlackBerry fan knows, that the build quality of Android devices is appalling compared to a BlackBerry and that, whilst there’s not THAT much required on top of BlackBerry World as an app store that we can, of course, fill in as required;

‘BlackBerry can run 98% of Android apps, every BlackBerry fan knows that.’

And, whilst his plan is obviously working, painful though it has been, all is well on track for the turnaround.

So, where does that leave us?

No longer the man with the knowledge being taunted by those without.

No longer the subject of random abuse.

Have you noticed the change?

Media outlets that blather the OLD way are starting to look foolish because more and more are expressing ‘Surprise!’ at just what the BlackBerry Z30, in particular, can do. (The mere fact it’s been doing it for months is apparently irrelevant).

The point is that they are smelling the air here.

The tide is turning.

You can feel it.

And believe you me, WHATEVER Wall Street makes of this weeks earnings call, good things are coming.

VERY good things.

I even received a message the other day thanking this very site from someone who had used information gleaned here to:

‘Finally shut my iPhoninan friends up. I was sick to death of them telling me how ‘secure’ Apple are. I knew it was crap but I didn’t have the facts and figures to hand. Now I’ve shown them UTB they don’t want to talk about it anymore and one has asked me privately about my BlackBerry. Thank you.’

We are on the cusp here.

Apple and Google are on the defensive.

They are the past.

BlackBerry is the future.

And thank you John Chen.

Thank you for giving us back our pride.

Because we’re winning.

Just you wait and see.


Bigglybobblyboo is a legend almost nowhere at all. He is a founder member of UTB and spends his spare time taking out his anger at the world with a fishfork and a spatula. He is also a Cribbage Master, having won 1 fight online as the other guy refused to turn up out of fear for his life.

  • Canuckvoip

    Indeed Biggly… I’ve been feeling the winds of change too.
    It feels good, fresh, and smells like BlackBerry.

  • Agreed Biggs! And I think the call Thursday will be another indication of BB’s potential and recent progress since Chen took over.

  • wkrgr

    I have felt this as well. As of late we have been getting a lot of good news, and a lot of good reviews from unexpected places. A few months back, I myself questioned whether the turn around was indeed going to happen, due partly to mixed signals that I got from reading other ‘fan’ sites. But, thanks to UTB, I kept a positive, “this will happen”, attitude.

    Now it’s not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN the turn around will happen. Mr. Chen stating the chances of a turn around are now 80%, rather than just 50-50 we assumed at the start of this new episode, that break even might come sooner than what was expected and the Z3 now headed to other parts of Asia after selling really well in Indonesia, among other news. All that just gives me even more confidence.

  • G-bone

    This site has been SUCH a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you.


    • Blackjack

      Amen G-bone

  • xBURK

    Great Blog.

    Myself, I’ve heard it all. Something is changing in the eyes of my friends and co-workers lately though.
    Ever since the BB10 launch, I have not wavered in my passion towards BlackBerry and BB10. Not once. I have the same steadfast conviction that BB10 will prevail as I did when I first booted up the Z10 back in Feb, 2013. Throughout all the “Doom and Gloom” headlines that were intentionally brought to my attention, others around me witnessed someone who didn’t flinch.
    After reading this blog, something dawned on me. Lately, the people who mocked me before, are actually asking questions in regards to BB10 and my Z30. Keep in mind, I’ve never once forced BB10 on anyone. If it came up, I was there to demonstrate and explain. End of story. Anyways, could it be that after my friends and co-workers have exhausted all their jabs without effect, after seeing BlackBerry keep fighting when everyone insists they’re dead, now think they’re missing out on something? Well, for whatever reason, finally after 15 long months, the circle of people around me are genuinely interested in BlackBerry. Yes, Thank You Mr. Chen and the amazing team at BlackBerry.

    xBURK – “BB POWERED ” BBM Channel – C001C1D66

  • Caseyd

    Well said! I agree BlackBerry’s future is bright. Thinking BlackBerry is old, is what is old.
    I love the job John Chen has done. I don’t even feel like him not resigning t-mobile to sell their phones was a mistake. I know it seems like a big mistake, but I would bet hard earned money that BlackBerry will be a independent company longer than t-mobile will be.
    John Legere is like the insecure middle schooler that wants to be cool, so he doesn’t hang out with the kid who isn’t cool. Well guess what Johnny boy, BlackBerry has been driving it’s milk and working out. The braces are coming off, and he just got some contacts. Your going to be begging Mr. Chen to sell his beautiful BlackBerry’s, and you know what? He will let you because it’s just good business and he’s class like that.
    BlackBerry is on its way back, and John Chen is doing us proud.

    • Blackjack

      Well said.

  • Judy

    What an absolutely excellent article! I frickin love this site! Such positive people and the love for blackberry that we all have. Keep up the fantastic work! You guys rock! Cheers! Blackberry Forever :)

    • Blackjack

      Hey Judy! Glad you found it.

    • veeru789

      Hey Judy!
      how are you? nice to see you here. hangout more often. New home :)

    • Trev

      Judy! Welcome, and glad you found UTB!

      – “Monty”

  • Blackjack

    Regarding the tide turning….

    What I have been noticing is that anytime a media dumass posts a negative article about BlackBerry the author gets piled on in the comments.

    This did not used to be true!

    • xBURK

      I’ve noticed this also. In Canada, there was such a backlash on a few of the largest national news sites, that whenever they write a BlackBerry related article now, you can no longer comment. People have figured out they can still complain through Twitter and Facebook. Personally, It’s not so much for sticking up for BlackBerry, but just the principal of sticking up for the truth. Also, Mr Chen and his team don’t let the Media tell lies and get away with it like the old crew. This may be one reason there are fewer now.

  • veeru789

    Excellent post. Indeed the tide is turning. Chen is the man with a plan. I cant wait for the the Z3 launch in more markets. Go BBRY go!

  • Trev

    Excellent post!
    My friends that are interested in tech have been asking more about my BlackBerry 10 devices, and those that aren’t so techy are quick to learn that BlackBerry isn’t just “not dead”, but onto something big in the mobile device arena.

  • Chopachain

    Great article. BB likes to post good news in batches. I wonder if BBM for WP is going to land this week. Talk about a platform in bad shape try a WP.

    Thanks for that BS tweet GIGAOM about the Kopi. What a joke.

  • Reverend Grim

    What more can I say? Bless you brother Biggly, bless you!
    In fact…
    BigglyBobblyboo, the apostle of JC! (John Chen of course!)
    Keep up the great work!

  • web99

    CEO John Chen has done an amazing job in the 7 or so months he has been at BlackBerry. Even though there are still some negative articles and outright misinformed articles, I am noticing more and more positive stories on BlackBerry from some unlikely places. Especially in the last month or so. I am hoping that BlackBerry can maintain its momentum and turnaround and return to a healthy and profitable company sooner rather than later.

  • Vorkosigan

    Another excellent article.
    I couldn’t agree more. You can really feel the difference the past few months.

    I still don’t expect a stellar call – Chen felt it would be 6 quarters to start to show the turnaround – but you can still feel that BlackBerry is a company with purpose and focus again.

  • bungaboy

    Great article! Berry On!