The Tide Turning? PC Advisor – ‘Why You Should Ditch Your iPhone5 For A BlackBerry Z30’

It's No Contest, Is It?
It’s No Contest, Is It?

Erm, yep, you’re not seeing double – it’s the same post as this one…

Why You Should Ditch Your iPhone5 For A BlackBerry Z30

But since author Paul Mah seems to have friends at PC Advisor who also seem to think the story worth running, we though you should be reminded of it too!

Here it is in all it’s glory: PC Advisor – How To Switch From iPhone 5 To BlackBerry Z30 And Why


Your are not seeing things.

The media are finally beginning to realise that iPhone is a busted flush and BlackBerry 10 is the way forward – a revolution in fact.

And a revolution that is nowhere near finished.

So, the next time your resident iPhonian calls you out…

Point them in this direction.

And tell them to make their lives a whole lot better.

By buying a BlackBerry.

Steamroller coming your way Apple…


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  • nnik

    Iphonians really need to ditch the iPhone while they can, you can see the asking prices for them dropping rather quickly