The Thunderclap Has Clapped, What’s Next?


Earlier today, the #BB10Slider4Us Thunderclap was released. The BlackBerry community shattered the goal of 100 participants. 697 people signed up hitting a social reach of 259,422! An amazing success in terms of participation!

The obvious question is, what next? Will we get a BB10 Slider? Who knows? As much as we’d like to see a BB10 Priv, there was more to this exercise than getting one device. This was an exercise to try and unite a fractured community. And we can now look around on Twitter and Facebook, and see those that supported something started by the community, for the community. We can look at BBM Channels and see the Channel operators that reposted and helped drive participation. We can also look around and see who’s not there. What we are seeing is who, within our community, are wanting to move this community, and the brand, further. As much as I hope to see a response from BlackBerry, even if we don’t get one, I see this as a success. A success because it brought us all a little closer.

Again, what’s next? Well there are two more community driven campaigns in the works. And they need your help.

First on the list is the “Why I choose BlackBerry” video project being helmed by James H. Jackson Jr. James needs short videos, of you explaining why you choose BlackBerry. This could be an amazing project. A chance to hear from the community. Remember, this is quick and easy, because we have a BlackBerry. A short video, can be shot straight from your BlackBerry, no more than a minute or two long, to add to others in the community to make a video that shows others outside the community how BlackBerry is superior to other brands.

Second on the list is “We Are BlackBerry”. Use it as a hashtag, use it as an identifier. The BProfile app makes it incredibly easy to stamp your avatar pics with the “We Are BlackBerry” stamp. Wallpapers are available through the Décor HD app. And now, joining in on the party, Selfie Cam by Marco Gallo has joined the party! Offering a “We Are BlackBerry” frame from within the app!

BlackBerry is on the cusp of something great, make sure you’re a part of it!


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