The Second Halloween Official Trailer is Now Live

Just forget about the last 40 years.

In Hollywood, everything old is new again, and that’s putting it politely. A more honest way to say it is that Halloween doesn’t have any new ideas. Sequels, remakes, and more inclusive casting seems to be all that moviemakers seem concerned about anymore. Of course, the horror genre isn’t going to be left out. After all, they’ve been doing it longer than anyone. Slasher movies from the 80’s managed to see their sequels numbered into double digits. Perhaps that’s why the slasher remakes seem to be even more unnecessary than the other remakes. Halloween seems even less necessary than the others. But it’s coming.

The second trailer for the latest installment of the Halloween franchise does something which we haven’t really seen before. We’ve seen sequels, and we’ve seen remakes that throw away the movies which has come before. This movie seems to have done both. The new Halloween serves as a sequel to the original movie 40 years later, and pretends none of the other sequels ever happened. Original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis returns in the role of Laurie Strode. While this would be quite the stunt to see the returning star in her original role aged in real time, even this isn’t a first, as she first returned for H2O, the sequel that arrived 20 years after the original. But, even that (and a later sequel she was also in) is being wiped away from history thanks to this 40th anniversary edition.

Halloween has always seemed to be a lower tier slasher film than it’s contemporaries. I’ve always attributed that to the slasher himself, Michael Myers. He just never seemed to grab the attention like Jason, Leatherface, or even Freddy Krueger. In fact, there was only two aspects that ever grabbed my attention, the unforgettable Halloween music, and the white painted Captain Kirk latex mask he wore. Yes, it really was a mask of Captain Kirk from Star Trek. Well, the music has been kept, but the mask has been modernized, which means it’s lost it’s charm.

So, what old movie will we see remade next?



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