The Sandlot Gets the Funko Pop Treatment

Classic baseball flick, The Sandlot, gets Pop! vinyl figures.

Funko announced today that the 90s classic The Sandlot will have Pop! vinyl figures for fans to collect and display. These figures have become a modern icon for their large heads and cartoonish styling. This recognition is now almost a rite of passage, and Pop! collectibles can be found for fandoms like Star Wars, Buffy, Marvel, etc.

Why a kid’s baseball movie? You obviously haven’t seen The Sandlot. The film became a quick favorite for children that identified with the characters. The mid-century period movie told the story of a group of boys that played baseball every day during their summer vacation. Each had different motivations, including one boy with Major League aspirations. But collectively, they played for the simple love of the game. It had adventure, nostalgia, and even a bit of impish romance.

It was honest, real, and incredibly relatable. I still quote this movie on a regular basis.

Funko Pop! will feature the characters of Scott Smalls, Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, Ham, and The Beast. Squints will have two figures, one sold separately in his game-day gear, and one sold …as it should be… in a two-pack: Squints in his swimgear with the lifeguard Wendy Pfeffercorn.

The timing of the release celebrates the movie’s 25th anniversary as well as this week’s Opening Day of Baseball.

These will be available at different retailers in June.

“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

Erica Davis

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