The Sale Is Over, But The Price Remains

Shopblackberry Keeps The Sale Price Of Leap
Shopblackberry in the US and Canada, has kept the sale price of the Leap.

Well, well, here’s some unexpected good news.

I was browsing around the ShopBlackBerry store the other day, and I noticed that they ended their Labour Day sale, but kept the sale price for the Leap as the new regular price in their US and Canada stores — $199 and $279 respectively. Nice !

I can only guess that they must have experienced a nice sales spike for the Leap at the sale price, and thus decided to make it the regular price. Regardless, it’s good news for aspiring Leap owners.

So if you’re in Canada or the US, and had your eye on a new Leap but missed the sale, you can still pick one up at the same great sale price.



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