The right guy in the right place, Washington Post interview with John Chen

Thomas Heath from the Washington Post released a full interview with BlackBerry CEO John Chen. The article entitled “The man who answered the call to save BlackBerry” is all positive as for many BlackBerry fans and Analysts, Chen is the man who’s name is written in gold letters as the CEO who kept BlackBerry alive and is also fighting back.

Go and read the full interview with BlackBerry CEO.

Roy Shpitalnik

lived the life of a BlackBerry since 2009 so I was first exposed to 8900. With Israeli cellular world history, training and knowledge for more on BlackBerry, I decided to join the community. When the Media bash BlackBerry on regular basis i decided to Join BerryIL.COM. The true must be published. Contact me on Twitter : @SimpleBerryRoy

  • Anthony

    Interesting article. I like John Chen. locco_smiley_29

  • RobcThbay

    Thanks for the link! Interesting article.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Here is the quote from John Chen in that Interview that speaks to me “Mobile is part of everybody’s life. And it’s going to be a bigger and bigger part. We are going to transact banking data on devices. We are going to consume medical data on devices. There’s going to be your personal ID on these devices. The mobile security is going to be even much more needed than today.

    Everybody’s going to be hacked.

    You may not feel as threatened today because they only read it. But if I change your medical records, you will be very threatened. And you’re going to come running to me and you’ll buy my stuff.”
    BlackBerry’s principal has always about that from day one. Unfortunately the masses has yet to realize despite Edward Snowden gate, despite Apple V FBI on the San Bernadino case. the issues got blow over. Apple, Google and other social media and apps developers are dragging their feet to join in the fold not for the sake of their users because the fall out from cyber war will destroy their companies. The Panama papers leak. The spy versus spy game come to the forefront in recent hackers interest in the US presidential candidates. A phone has become the virtual key to your entire well being, beyond the physical boundary of your home. You can do relatively well protecting yourself from the hundred if not the thousands physically surrounding you. You can’t when you are exposed to billions of potential hackers when you keep hitting I Agree just to install a free apps or keep trusting this phone makers they have your best interest in securing your personal data.


    Thanks for the link.

    The comment below the story says a lot about BB’s present situation. The author says he loved his BB of old, hates his i-phone and wishes he could go back to BB. But he seems to think that nothing has changed with BB and they are the same old phones of yore. The inability of BB to make people understand that the BB10 phones are light years ahead of the old phones seems to be an insurmountable barrier. Even people, like that one, who want a BB phone are under the impression that nothing has changed. BB must address this issue, before sales of hardware will increase.

  • iMasterus

    I like Chen too, but for only two reasons:
    1. He can be very funny.
    2. He didn’t kill BlackBerry Passport.