The Return of Google Glass


Glassholes rejoice! Google Glass is coming back, and this time the product will be targeted as an enterprise device. As of now the ‘Enterprise Edition’ of Google Glass is little more than a rumor, based on an FCC filing and of course, unsubstantiated leaks.

So what’s supposed to be different with the rumored ‘Enterprise Edition’? Improved specs, a faster processor, a larger prism and a bigger battery. It is said that the Enterprise Edition will be more durable, waterproof, and will have a hinge for folding. In effect, reasonable upgrades from the prototypes we saw with the original explorer program.

But what makes it an enterprise device? I have a theory.

The original Google Glass quickly came under attack. There were massive privacy concerns when someone could simply blink and take pictures of you in the locker room. Of course the movie industry was concerned with a device that was seemingly perfect for pirating movies. Explorers who were excited about having a HUD GPS while driving, quickly learned that wearing Google Glass while driving was frowned upon by society, and the law.

In effect, Google’s new wearable ran in to serious problems when people wanted to wear it. While the Google Glass Explorer program was a known beta program, it was expected that a fully commercial version would arrive at the end. But it didn’t. Google shelved it, and my thoughts are they knew that at that point in time, the product would flop. Why? Because those that would actually purchase one of these devices, would soon learn that they would not be allowed to wear the wearable. I have no doubt that ‘Google Glass Not Allowed Here’ would quickly become a sign we would see at most places we frequent. Of course, this is merely my opinion, but an opinion I think is further backed by the idea of an Enterprise Edition.

I see the new Google Glass being sold to businesses for specific job functions. Doing what? I don’t know. With today’s privacy concerns, I don’t see employers allowing their employees to wear their personal devices on the site. So perhaps employers will utilize them? I could see order pickers being guided to the items they need to grab, forklift drivers being routed around warehouses… honestly, I don’t see much behind that.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition, is it a new product aimed at a segment in need? Or is the new direction necessitated by a company that simply doesn’t want a complete loss on developing a product that can’t be utilized for it’s original purpose? I believe it’s the latter.

Source: TechnoBuffalo


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  • nnik

    Maybe the employer wants to know exactly what the employees is learing at

  • nnik

    Oops… I meant looking

  • Man alive Google, give it up! Have you seen anyone wearing these? They look like they’ve been assimilated.

  • Blackjack

    I think they are seeing that Hololens is still progressing, and that has been directed at commercial use. So why not Glass?

  • Canuckvoip

    Oh no… not again. Die Glass die!

  • Chaplain_Clancy

    I do see a potential health use. During microscopic surgery, the surgeon could use the glass to be able to zoom in on the microscopic area while also seeing what his hands are doing.

    • Canuckvoip

      Those things already exist. I could see a use case for instructional assistance for mechanics etc, but I don’t feel too good about my surgeon needing assistance whilst I am under the knife.


    You are all missing a great use for these things. They can be used to identify, in public, without direct contact, persons we would rather avoid.

  • bartron

    It’s a very niche product. It will be used by people working in security, customer service (greeting customers), military, emergency response, and medicine. Some athletes will use it too. But that’s it.

    Quite simply, it’s not a consumer device.