The Reason For Those Negative Passport Reviews Is…


When the Passport came out many reviewers were sat by their computers on launch day poised and ready to go. No sooner had the launch event come to an end and the interwebs were suddenly flooded with the thoughts of the tech mighty, many.of which were positive, others almost vitriolic in their negativity.

I’ve been through a number of the negative ones and there seems to be a number of common denominators.

Without wishing to pick on anyone, I’m going to use Thomas Tamblyn’s review for the Huffington Post UK as an example if for no other reason than it was actually quite comprehensive.

Thomas used the Passport for 5 days in which time he discovered the following;

1) The Passport is NOT the same shape as an iPhone. This disturbed him so much he dropped it on his face. Twice.

2) Between BlackBerry World and the Amazon app store there’s no Instagram, BBC iPlayer or Feedly apps. Which is strange as i have BBC iPlayer and Feedly on my Z30, and by typing the word ‘INSTAGRAM’ into the BlackBerry World search he might have been fascinated to try out something called iGrann. It does appear first, after all. Oh, and there’s no Edmondo either. Despite the fact there is.

3) The keyboard is not the same as an iPhone.

4) The battery life is AMAZING! Probably because there’s no apps, of course. Which there is.

5) The Hub is really confusing compared to the simplicity you get on an iPhone of having all your messages scattered all over the place. That’s much easier. Although it’s not.

6) Here’s a BIG one (mentioned by quite a few negative reviewers), did he mention the size? People laughed at him! Because it’s not the same shape as an iPhone.

In Thomas’s case there was one killer line which said everything…

‘This has become apparent today because I’m carrying my (actual) work phone with me as well.

It’s an iPhone 5C’

And there it is.

Thw biggest problem many of these reviewers have is simple.

It’s not an iPhone. It doesn’t even LOOK like an iPhone. At least if they’re carrying an Android device they can pretend it’s an iPhone.

And this horrific fact means thay they must either not bother to use it properly as it has been dismissed from the beginning, or make sure they save the souls of others by deliberately misleading their audience.

Heaven forfend it would be the second.

Then, of course, they are inundated by offended BlackBerrians because they are fed up of BlackBerry 10 being misrepresented.

Which usually ends up with the reviewer looking a little silly.

So, here’s my advice for any reviewers of the BlackBerry Passport. It’s NOT an iPhone, doesn’t ACT like an iPhone and doesn’t WANT to be an iPhone.

If you start at that point, you may just have a chance.

Because if it’s not for you, that’s fine. Just make sure it’s for the right reasons.

Not just because it’s not an iPhone.


Bigglybobblyboo is a legend almost nowhere at all. He is a founder member of UTB and spends his spare time taking out his anger at the world with a fishfork and a spatula. He is also a Cribbage Master, having won 1 fight online as the other guy refused to turn up out of fear for his life.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Any self proclaim tech reviewer wants to be taken seriously should not be using Iphone as a benchmark to measure the capability of a functional cell phone. It’s akin to food critiques using Macdonald restaurant as the benchmark for the culinary world. Yes it serves over a billion customers and many people eat it’s food but it’s not cuisine nor gourmet. Far be it for me to claim superiority by using a Blackberry phone but let’s stop pretending Iphone is some high end gadget that rein supreme among it’s peers. It’s Ipod with call functionality. Nothing more and nothing less.

    • web99

      Excellent analogy bambinoitaliano! The iPhone 6 and the BlackBerry Passport are targeting different audiences. It’s unfair to use the iPhone as a benchmark, but even so, the Passport with its higher specs blows away the iPhone in terms of functionality and features.

    • Wayno

      Hey Cat! Great to see you over here. Love your comments, well said and a great perspective on this. ;)

    • Awesome comments Bambino!!! :D

  • Anthony

    Thomas Tamblyn is a moron. locco_smiley_20

  • BB Racer !!

    And here I go again :
    ” watching iPhone users including both iPhone 6 app launchers using email and email attachment is like watching useless work in progress ”

    Till then folks the iPhone 6 including that iPhone 5c are definitely not a BlackBerry Passport ……Done !

  • Gnomesane

    Nice Biggs. Here’s my general impressions of the reviews:

    Yes, it has some improvements (they have to admit the great battery life), they’re mixed on the Hub (either it’s good or confuses them), some other backhanded compliments and then –

    1. But it’s not a one handed device (wasn’t designed to be, but fair enough)
    2. In case you were living on Mars, it doesn’t have as many Apps as iPhone or Android.

    Soooooo, when the Classic launches that takes care of the first criticism, but I’m willing to bet any amount of money #2 is in every single review. Man I hope Chen / Amazon / Instagram can work out some kind of deal to push Instagram for BB10 as officially available on the Amazon App Store. I’d pay real money to hear people shut up about that one.

    Just imagining what criticisms they’d trot out if they couldn’t use the ‘lack of apps’? Back to emphasizing the loss of subscriptions revenue, ‘beleagured’, etc? Lol

    Having said that, nice to see more reviewers giving even handed decent reviews this time.

  • G-bone

    Biggly, you nailed it.
    I don’t mind if I go to an iPhone fan site and they talk about all the reasons they think the i(whatever) is superior to the Passport – it’s a FAN site.
    We are a fan site. It’s clear. You come here, you come to where we LOVE BlackBerry.
    Fair enough.
    But when you go to a purported tech site, or a news site, and the article is clearly biased, and worse yet- ignorant and uneducated, well, it is a sad commentary on the state of both journalism and society. Not to mention criticism – which I studied at university.
    We truly do live in the ‘disinformation age’ replete with a de facto censorship and the shutting down of new ideas and challenging concepts.
    But the storm builds. Energy must be expressed.


  • Blackjack

    What?!?! It’s not an iPhone?
    I’m canceling my order.

    • Wayno

      Lol, don’t cancel, I’ll take it!

  • mrabody

    Even the positive or neutral reviews admit that the Passport requires two-handed use. But guess what? So do other phablets such as the iBend 6+ and the Galaxy Note. Just read these two reviews of the 6+ on the Verge and they admit as much.

    The genius of the Passport is that it confronts the reality of two-handed use head-on. I bet lots of people buy other phablets expecting them to be just like their smaller smart phone and then are unsatisfied with the experience because they try to use them one-handed. With the Passport, if you’ve read the reviews or handled one in store you will realise that this device requires two hands. It may mean that it will sell in lower numbers than its competitors but those who buy it will be more satisfied with their purchase.

  • Awesome Biggs. I love watching you tear those idiots a new one. Really a lot of fun.

    Again, it strikes me that in the world of mobile technology, the only requirements to be a tech analyst or editor or whatever, is a keyboard and an internet connection. My nephew is 16 years old and uses an iPhone (unfortunately) and I am 100% positive his review of this device would be better.

    Gosh! Does anyone have any journalistic integrity or pride!? When you review a product don’t you actually want to be objective? If you are an Apple fanboy, just say so in the beginning and get on with it. Review the product on it’s merits and if you must, sum it up as something you don’t like, but be up front about it. What losers. Really.