The Readers speak – and we listened!


Well it seems like only yesterday I was prattling on about the lack of a good android travel app. Lo and behold our readers had plenty of comments between the Channel, Forum, and Blogs. Having read each of these I decided to have a go with TripCase and TripIt.

Before I provide a brief review I wanted to lay out a few criteria-

  • the app needs to be fairly intuitive, the last thing you want is trying to locate travel details in an airport an hour before your flight departs or in a hotel lobby at ‘0 dark 30‘,
  • the app must also allow for the ability the directly enter travel data (as opposed to having it download from another website or link) as things often change
  • the app needs the ability to easily transfer/share your travel plans to your smartphone calendar or others, and
  • the app shouldn’t require a monthly or annual fee (unless your employer is willing to pay for it!).


TripCase is a basic travel app featuring cursory functions. It was not readily evident how to transfer my travel plans to my calendar but eventually I got there. Trips default to a date driven screen as opposed to a timeline, the ability to change this would be most helpful. On the plus side it does have the ability to interface with some smartwatches.


I found TripIt slightly more useful than TripCase (for my particular ‘use-case’) as it has the ability to store travel info in a PIN protected file. Having information such as your driver’s license #, Passport #, Known Traveler Number, SENTRI, etc could come in handy especially if your credentials were lost or stolen. It also has the ability to interface with a smartwatch (tho’ neither seems to work with my FitBit Blaze). The user interface (UI) is very easy and intuitive to navigate (as is TripCase).

For now I will be using TripIt, but I certainly welcome any comments or tips you may have!












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