The proof is in the pudding… or numbers… or Berries :-)

In a recent debate over the current issues in another “fruity land” with security, I was put in a position of yet again putting my money where my mouth is.  I have always known and seen where BlackBerry has striven and succeeded in being on the high end of security, but this current issue elsewhere has really even opened my eyes to it even more. We all have seen rants on all sides of the fence when it comes to this device this, this device that bla bla bla.  I, for one, do not like going to battle without ammo so stirring up a few third resources and asking for some friends to help me find some, I had some ammo and thought it would be good to share even here for the readers who also “know” but not “hard facts” know.

Simple and most shocking in some ways is the actual malware numbers, a study in April of 2013 showed Android growing to 97% of the malware market?  Who would have thought even 2 years ago that you would NEED an antivirus on your PHONE.  Part of that comes with the open source kernel though in my opinion. Too many have their hands on it to exploit it, just look at how many different android OS systems there are though, how many will only work for specific devices even.  Just too many ingredients in the pot if you ask me.

Next in my discussion was on the actual security issues that “everyone has”.  Yes, nothing is perfect, as my ending retort was that in fact, there will always be a way if someone is determined enough.  For example, car alarms, I am sorry, I am an auto tech by trade and can tell you first hand, if a true car thief WANTS your car I am sorry, it will be gone, alarm blazing and all.  On the flip side, they do deter most want to be’s and amateurs so they prove some help.  Like our devices, yes there will be someone who can crack a Blackberry, there will be someone to crack an iPhone… just who will crack your device, a 5 year old with mommy’s laptop or a 30 year veteran who reads and writes binary?  Even the U.S.A. Pentagon has been hacked, its going to happen we are not blind.  Here though is where the real “securities” lay though, 309 iPhone security vulnerabilities have been listed and “fixed” to a whopping 6 in Blackberry, 3 of which were Link.  Now to be fair, for the same timeline between the two since bb10 has only been since 2013, the date to date numbers are 6-90.   That still doesn’t make me feel more secure, but for some I guess it does.

What is my whole point in tonight’s little rant? I guess the main is to do your own research and bring proper ammo to a battle.  Even I was a bit taken back by what I had taken for granted at some points I can say.  There are a lot of people, especially in the N.A. region, that think that BB is dead and or a failed entity, we have to stand a ground and show them that it is not. Think of it as a giant game of red rover, and I say let them send the next one over, we shall not break and fall.  Blackberry has come so far, it is not your super high end lawyer phone for emails as it once was, it is a fully capable everyday device for even the heaviest of users that does not require the need for “an app for that” for all your most necessary needs.  The proof is there, lets use it and let it be known.

Also, would like to thank BBSuperAbuser for some of the help in links earlier.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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    Killer info mopar!
    Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight! :idea:

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    Thank you :)