The Priv by BlackBerry Just Became a Little Cheaper at AT&T



Following BlackBerry’s own discount, and actually beating the drop, AT&T has dropped the retail price of the Priv by $100. The full retail cost of the Priv at AT&T will now run you $640. Purchasing the Priv on a two year contract, (if you can still find an AT&T store that will do that) will cost you $199 vs the previous $250. The much more common Next Plan prices are as follows,

Next 18: $26.67/month
Next 12: $31.00/month
Next 12 with Down Payment: $16.00/month with $192 Down Payment

With the Priv being released in November of last year at AT&T, along with rumors of two upcoming BlackBerry Android phones, this seems like the perfect time to see a drop in price. Will $100 off and lower monthly payments make the decision to run out and pick up the most secured Android phone an more attractive decision?


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