The percentage of Android devices running Android 8 first reached a two-digit number

The adoption percentage of new Android versions is low.

Many users complain that they are not yet running Android 8 (Oreo) on their Android device and actually do not have the latest version of the operating system. This week it was announced that for the first time since the launch of Android 8 comes to market share of 10.1% of total Android devicewerell the while in a few months Android P will be launched.

This is definitely a low market share within the Android market, and there are a number of reasons. The largest market share today belongs to Android 6 with 23.5% of the total devices in the Android world, while Android 7 immediately followed with 21.2%.

This means that only 55% of Android devices run one of the latest 3 versions of Android, indicating that many users in the world are still working with older devices that no longer receive updates and are not in a hurry to purchase new devices.

Today, a new Android device will receive up to 2 new version updates when most devices will receive only one such update. BlackBerry PRIV, the first BlackBerry Android got an update from Android 5 to 6, but will not get 7 anymore, even though there were rumors. The KEYONE soon will get the Android 8 as well as the Motion.

According to the release, Android 8 will receive a boost in the number of users with the launch of the update to other devices, including the recently launched KEY2, and its sale actually began earlier this month.


Roy Shpitalnik

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