The Passport Sells Itself


I was in a business meeting yesterday with a customer. I had my Passport on the table. The customers jaw bounced off the table and he said “That’s the new Passport!”. This customer has a Z10, and his partner in the meeting a Z30.


The subject immediately got hijacked for at least 10 minutes as I handed it to him so he could try it out.
I showed him the capacitive keyboard with websites and docs. He put it up to his ear and stated this would be just fine! Obviously like others he was concerned about the size, but no more.
He also went to find the CEO who had recently given up his 9900 for an iPhone 5s (which he hated), and then went to an Android (which he now hates).

The CEO wants to come back to black, and when this gent tells him what he saw of mine, along with the fact it runs the Android app we sell it’ll be game over.

Put it out on the boardroom table and watch the fun!
Put it out on the boardroom table and watch the fun!

That same day, first thing in the morning I met someone at our new office (we’re moving… yuk). I noticed he had a Q10 on his hip. I asked him if he likes it. His response was that he loves it, but he’s really interested in the new (and before he could finish his sentence I pulled the Passport out of my shirt pocket) Passport!

He looked at me like I was holding the Holy Grail. We talked again for 10 minutes about BlackBerry and mobile.


Man, it’s hard to get any work done!


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