The Passport Is A Week Away – Here’s Some Troll Spotting!

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Look! He found one!

Not difficult really.

Not long to go now before the Passport is unleashed on an unsuspecting world with the message that it is, indeed, hip to be square.

And, whilst much of the tech media has got to grips with the fact that someone has done something a little different, there are plenty who will react with shock at the realisation that phones don’t, necessarily, have to be rectangular.

And, of course, these people will tell you that BlackBerry have blown their last throwof the dice, etc, etc handily ignoring the fact that BlackBerry also offer rectangular phones too. In fact, they are pretty much the ONLY smartphone manufacturer that offers any real choice at all.

Still, whether the Passport sells 100 or 1,000,000 there’ll be those that, on launch day, will fill our screens with their wisdom.

Here’s a quick guide to their mentality:

What we can guarantee here at UTB, is that you won’t find them spreading their uninformed bile here.

Although you MIGHT find them elsewhere… maybe slipping a gold iPhone or iWatch sorry, Apple Watch into their pockets at the same time?

Never mind them. When the Passport launches it adds to an incredible range from a company that was apparently dead 6 months ago and we can say with absolute certainty one thing:

You want a phone tailored to YOUR needs rather than being told what you want and finding most of it useless?

There’ll be a BlackBerry for that.

Don’t ‘Think Different.’

It’s a lie.



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