The Origin of the T-Mobile Twitter Campaign

Contrary to popular belief, the T-Mobile twitter war started well before their recent distasteful email campaign to BlackBerry users in an attempt to entice them to “upgrade” to an iPhone 5s.  If you follow the history of the tweets to John Legere and T-Mobile Help, the wake up call was started by one of our very own.  As you can see, on the 4th of February, Brad reached out to both the CEO of T-Mobile and T-Mobile help requesting an answer on the availability on the BlackBerry Z30.  On that same day, Legere said he would answer anything , in response to a tweet from another participant challenging Legere to answer, instead of directing customers to the T-Mo website so that they can keep an eye on upcoming deals.


On February 5th, Legere asks for email addresses so that he can correspond directly as seen in the attached; however, to this day, neither Lilly nor Brad have received any emails, and the rest as they say, is history.

IMG_20140216_192517 (2)

The twitter war with Tmo may have come to a boil with the recent email campaign to BlackBerry users, but the fire was started before this event. This is not a post to gloat about taking credit for Legere’s tweet today to BlackBerry customers pledging to work with his team and get back to us; this post is about setting the record straight that passionate members of the BlackBerry community reached out and used the power of social media to try and affect change.  It takes a community, and it continues to be a community effort.

  • Brad

    To give credit where credit is due, did break the e-mail to the public that was sent out by T-Mobile. I was still trying to find out if it wad real or not when they published. And quite honestly, we probably wouldn’t have got a response from Legere this soon had Crackberry not brought this info to their subscribers yesterday. Kevin’s indifference to us, long time members of his site, and the originators of #ichooseBlackBerry10, well, that’s another story.

  • LillyFoxBlogs

    Fantastic and thank you for this post….. and yes there is an #ichooseblackberry10 BBM group and yes we are the original members and the troublemakers who start all this type of activist BlackBerry stuff. It’s because we care and love BlackBerry. Nuff said where’s the cake?