The Official BlackBerry Classic Unboxing Video


Well folks, we have all been waiting for the BlackBerry Classic since its announcement back in February at CES 2014.  Earlier today it was launched at a spectacular event in New York City.  For those that missed it, you can view it at

As an added treat the Inside BlackBerry Blogs website have posted the official BlackBerry Classic Unboxing Video


Donny Halliwell does a great job displaying the BlackBerry Classic and demonstrating that it has the same familiar keyboard navigation that previously existed on the BlackBerry Bold and Curve devices.  Since the first BlackBerry 10 keyboard devices were released last year, many customers have been asking for a return of the toolbelt and the navigation keys that were omitted when the Q10, Q5 and other devices were launched.  The BlackBerry Classic contains those features and so much more!

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Compared to the BlackBerry Bold 9900

  • The BlackBerry Classic has a 50% longer battery life
  • The BlackBerry Classic has a browser that is 3 times faster
  • The BlackBerry Classic has a screen that is 60% larger
  • And the BlackBerry Classic has the added benefit of the BB10 10.3 operating system

As someone once told me, “The BlackBerry Classic is like the BlackBerry Bold, but on steroids””

Enjoy folks!





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