The New Team BlackBerry Episode #2!

In case you missed it, You can watch or listen now!

Earlier this week we the second episode of The New Team BlackBerry Podcast. Scheduling the regular podcast has proven to be difficult, but I suppose that should be expected when organizing a podcast between 4 separate BlackBerry fan sites. Sadly, we just weren’t able to do it, so we went ahead and hit the air missing two of our participants.

This week’s episode featured Brad from BerryReporter, Roy from BerryIL (and UTB!) and me, the other Brad, from UTB. Art from NerdBerry and our own Dave missed out on episode two, but we’re planning on them being back next episode.

The plan is for The New Team BlackBerry to be a monthly mash-up of our sites, and to speak of our differing views on current news, as well as the current happenings within our BlackBerry community. And this episode, we did just that!

If you haven’t already viewed or listened to the latest episode, you can do so now. And be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel,  or, if you prefer audio podcasts, you can now subscribe to the audio podcast in all your favorite podcasting apps.

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  • Shaun Williams

    good podcast Brad.