The Long Awaited Apple Wishwatch or…Where’s the Beef?


Hello BlackBerrians and … others. BlackJack here.

Have you ever heard of a wish sandwich?

That’s when you have two pieces of bread and WISH there was some meat between them.
Lately I’ve noticed the STILL high expectations for Apple to do THE NEXT BIG THING. Why is it taking so long? Uhh.. because Apple takes the time to get it right. Right?

That’s a good thing. Surely they have something mind blowing going on in that secret bunker deep underground at One Infinite Loop street, right? It’s just a matter of time. And more time .. .and…

even more time.

They have to get it right you know.
As they have demonstrated with their answer to the phablet niche – put the iPhone 5 in the Apple developed Enlargicizer Machine, set the timer for 2 years, and.. DING!… pull out the most wondrous magical phablet you could ever imagine … that does…well …the same old thing, only bigger. A different size. Like the iPad, and then the mini- iPad, using the amazing and wondrous Apple developed Shrink Ray Machine.

But what if, with their genius marketing machine, they have just created an imaginary carrot instead of a real Apple?

*ppsssttt* Appleheads … hate to break it to you, but unless you can show me otherwise, I think that i-Innovation has been buried in that bunker along with your Innovator-in-Chief, who must be mummified down there along with his creations (as well as ideas for the future of Apple) , something like the Pharaohs of Egypt..

Yet, unbelievably,  certainty and expectations still prevail.

I read an article today on LinkedIn entitled:

Expectations for the Apple iWatch, your interface with the digital world.
By Tom Goodwin
Director of the Tomorrow Group & Marketing Writer and Speaker

Yes you heard right, expectations. Still.

In this article, we hear the echoes of the pinings of the i-Faithful in the almighty, all powerful, all knowing, omnipotent Apple beast. We have all the ingredients of delusion, and I don’t mean to single Tom out here or pick on him. His expectations are awesome and he is by no means the only one that harbors them. That’s my point.
In this column, we hear things like:

If it’s made, Apple’s iWatch should be a new era in how people operate in a environment where information becomes an ambient layer around us. It would become our connection to the digital world, in a socially acceptable form factor.
(emphasis mine)

And here we have the Apple apologetics for lack of significant new products and innovation:

Samsung, Sony, Google offer a bewildering array of products, it’s like a desperate friend willing to change yet another aspect of their personality, in the hope of you liking them….. “but this phone comes in red”.
Apple have always taken the opposite view, in 2006 Nokia launched 73 phones with over 150 variants , Apple launched one with three slight variants. They didn’t suffer for it.

We have the delusional yearning for the glory days that they Apple fans strangely believe are still here:

Samsung line fills, Apple grows new categories.
Apple demonstrates their wisdom in an additive approach.
– They create entire new product categories we never knew we wanted.
– They wait a painfully long time and until they think the world is ready for a technology. They wait for the infrastructure required to make the most of the technology to become common, they wait for people to be ready to adopt such a thing.
– They do things that allow us to do new things, things we didn’t think were possible.
– This all takes incredible self control and confidence.
– They don’t always get it right. They are way too late with large screen smartphones for one.
– They create devices that fulfill a role, and a role in respect to other things in your world of appliances.

It is this additive approach that will make the Smartphone a key piece of your personal device ecosystem, something that makes the system greater than the sum of it’s parts, and not just a gimmick.

We have the introduction of an imaginary product with absolute certainty of what it will do … even though it doesn’t exist  (clearly with delusional visions of BEING Steve Jobs on stage) :

Introducing the iWatch.

The true functional benefits come from how the device can interact with other devices around it.

The iWatch will bring new inputs from the wrist to allow entirely new use cases, the iWatch won’t be your smartwatch, it will be the way that your body interfaces with the digital world…

Firstly it will be able to do this by recording more about your surroundings that any other device, unlike an iPhone with accelerometers and GPS, the Smartwatch will be constantly recording many more dimensions to our context.

Then begins the wish list.

Now mind you , these are good ideas some of them, but I’m just not hearing them from Apple, are you?
Not a feature list, but a wishlist presented as features, further building the expectations of the i-crowd, who will probably accept it as fact.

The Inputs.

It should feature a variety of sensors like :

•    GPS.
•    Heart beat monitor.
•    Stress levels monitor.
•    Blood oxygen level.
•    Body temperature.
•    Outside temperature.
•    Humidity.
•    Skin moisture levels.
•    Accelerometers.

The Outputs

The real benefits come from how the device can interact with those devices around it.
“It could even contain muscle sensors to allow you to control interfaces”
“ I think it will feature NFC to allow rapid, secure, two way data to pass, while predicting NFC for Apple is a fools game, the reality is that NFC will be the only technology with reasonable adoption in retail in the near future.”
“ I think it will feature BLE ( Bluetooth low emission) to constantly be synching data between the iWatch and any other Apple devices, especially the iPhone.”
The Use Cases.

•    A mobile wallet. [on an iphone? Scary. Can’t wait for the pick-pocket app posing as a fun innocuous game]
•    Travel Tickets/ Security Passes/Coupons
•    Mobile Coupons.
•    Your life remote control
•    Activity/ Health Tracker.
•    Immersive apps.
•    Better mobile “advertising” [no thanks]
•    GPS and Personal Assistance
•    Notifications

The article concludes like this:
I’m no Apple fan boy, there is no reason Samsung could not have invented the above, but I see no signs they will.

This leaves me to wonder – what signs are you seeing, Tom, that Apple will? If you don’t mind that I ask?

Tom, Tom. I’m with you. I don’t blame you for wishing and expecting. Wake up from your dream and vision, before you are disappointed and disillusioned. I agree with your vision. But it’s just that – a vision.A lot of this stuff would be cool, even the transparent electronics … would be cool (if anywhere close to possible).

But you’re a young man. While you are waiting, why not have a look at what a phone is truly capable of all by itself. And you don’t even have to wear it.
While the “gimmick torch” has been passed to Samsung, as seen by the new coming BlackBerry Passport, BB10 etc, the “Innovation Torch” has been passed to BlackBerry. While you are waiting for that Wishwatch, why not give it a try? If not, you may WISH you did, probably shortly after your phone gets hacked or locked maliciously.

About that Wishwatch? If there is a demand, third parties won’t have half the trouble designing it for BlackBerry, who actually uses industry standard open interfaces.
Quite unlike the Applesphere that likes to keep you “proprietary-ized” and locked in. Or locked up, as I prefer to view it.

BlackBerry’s response to the Smartwatch and Google glasses and the wearable-tech-is-the-future myth?
I imagine it goes like this:

Ignore these fools. Let them waste their R&D money … we have awesome Down-to-Earth Enterprise quality secure , reliable phones for your pocket. Right now. It will probably do everything you need want, and in the future, can imagine.

BUT you’re going to have to put a little effort into it, and hoist it out of your pocket and probably look at it and touch it. But don’t worry it feels good to hold – a solid well built rugged piece of “kit”, as my British friends might call it. You won’t want to put it down. It is tasty – with a LOT of real meat inside. Try it Tom – you will like it. Guaranteed gimmick free – just pure productivity.


I am a long time BlackBerry user and fan. Beginning with the 7520, I have recognized the value of subtle productivity enhancements in BlackBerry devices for business communication and have never since strayed. Even when the iPhone took the market by storm, I was unimpressed, because it did nothing to help my business needs. Currently enjoying my one handed dream phone, the Classic! BB10 with a toolbelt! Today I contribute to UTB whenever I feel that I can help enlighten someone on the benefits of using BlackBerry over any other platform.