The Little iPhone That Couldn’t

The sheep did not care for the colors...
The sheep did not care for the colors…

It’s finally happened. The chink in the armor we all knew was coming in the armor of the giant forbidden fruit.

Apple has made an unsuccessful phone. Digitimes reports that there may be as many as 3 million iPhone’s sitting unsold in the supply chain. The brightly colored phones with the tiny screen has not caught on with the iPhone crowd. What was originally thought to be Apple’s leap in to developing markets doesn’t carry the price points needed, nor anything new to pull consumers in.

What comes next for these poor, unwanted phone? A markdown from Apple to move the product at lesser costs? Or perhaps Apple will just fine their carrier partners for not being able to sell the plastic iPhone? I’m anxious to see how the tale of the iPhone 5c plays out!

Full Digitimes Report Here


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