THE LEAP my 24hrs with probably the most undervalued device









Probably my wisest purchase in a long time.

You may be wondering why this review now? Easy. If I would have known just how great this device is I would have purchased it a long time ago.

I now own every BlackBerry 10 device there is and this is now my favourite. Not because it’s the best, it is not. But because I’ve always said I wanted a Z30 with the looks of a Z10. This is better. The size is pretty much the same as the Z30 but it looks totally BlackBerry.

The Leap is very comfortable in the hand, not saying the others aren’t, I just didn’t think it would be.

The Leap just wasn’t given the credit it was due. Most of the reviews and write-ups used words like “entry level” “under-spec’d” “good for the price”. Well I really don’t notice a difference in computing power when I compare it to my Z30 and I’m willing to bet it would outperform any iPhone in any real tasks (the Z30 was proven to).

As for the camera, all the pictures except the first one were taken by a fellow UTB staffer with his Leap in Beautiful British Columbia.


You have to say these picture are great. Just proves yet again that BlackBerry builds a quality product never mind “entry level”.


I never thought I would be so impressed with a device. I’m not going to bore you with specs, those are available everywhere but very few people have actually bothered to give an honest opinion on how they feel about the most underated of devices. Which is a shame, with the affordability of this device they should be more popular than all the Samsungs combined.


Thanks for the great pictures Jesse


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