The Latest Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is Here!

It’s (almost) time for another Star Wars Story.

A Star Wars Story is a fancy way for Disney to grow the Star Wars brand, and have a never ending universe of movies. The idea is that these stories aren’t part of the larger Skywalker story, except so far, they still are. The first “Story” was Rogue One. In that movie, we were introduced to an entire new set of heroes, and with the exception of one CGI version of a classic character, we didn’t see any of our favorites until the last minutes of the film. Even so, Rogue One was definitely part of the larger saga, filling in as a prequel that did a better job than the actual three prequels.

This new “Story” will be different. New version of classic characters are the leads in this movie. The movie is about Han Solo’s early days, showing us how he became the space scoundrel we all loved in the first trilogy. We get to see how he meets Chewbacca and Lando, and first steps foot in the Millennium Falcon.

The question remains, will we accept someone else playing these classic characters? We will find out soon. Solo: A Star Wars Story hit’s theaters May 25th.


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