The Job That Shouldn’t Be


BlackBerry is dead. They’re leaving the device business behind. They’ve shafted developers. They’ve left the consumer market.

We all heard this garbage spewed about plenty of places over the last year. You’ve read us say it’s garbage. And yet, there’s still some that believe it’s true. There’s some that wish it was true.

After all, it’s not like BlackBerry has beat projections to actually making a little cash. It’s not like we’ve seen 3 new devices from them with more on the way after the Z30 which was supposed to be their last device. It’s not like we’re still seeing new native apps appearing in BBW everyday. And it’s not like BlackBerry has broken ground in making devices available to consumers when carriers are refusing to offer their devices.

Oh wait, it is like that.

We all know that the signs of a struggling company is layoffs. We saw it with BlackBerry. We’re seeing it now with IBM. A company that is growing, is hiring.


Well how about this job? It seems BlackBerry is looking for a Senior Vice President of Online Sells. You know, online sells, where many BlackBerry Passport owners grabbed their phones as you couldn’t find one at a carrier.

This role will be responsible for developing and implementing the BlackBerry Online Sales strategy to drive revenue growth and increase BlackBerry visibility and market share in the e-commerce space. The successful candidate will lead and own all commercial aspects of online sales including responsibility for all relationships with our e-commerce channel partners, executing the integrated marketing strategies to drive online sales, and providing evaluation of site content and product range.

Why, anyone reading all that news we’ve been bombarded with for the last year would tell you this job shouldn’t exist!

But it does.

Happy hiring BlackBerry.




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