The iOS 8 Upgrade Saga: It is Causing Massive Problems for ios Users with Older Devices



It has only been a few days since the iPhone 6 and its accompanying ios 8 operating system were launched to great fanfare at a spectacular event near Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.  There was the usual lineups of iPhonians, looking to get their hands on the latest devices as soon as they became available in many of the stores.  But for the many iPhone users who chose to stick with their existing devices, it has been the beginning on an unimaginable nightmare.

Last week iPhone users started receiving the notifications to upgrade to ios 8.  For many that chose to do so they ran into problems as soon as they attempted to do so.  Richi Jennings from Computerworld documented several of these problems in an article titled “iOS 8 problems tell Grimm tales: Slow, Laggy, Bloaty, Crashy, Buggy, Drainy and Doc


Storage Issue

The iPhones do not have an external SD card slot for expandable storage as it is all internal on their devices.  So for many of its users who have the 16GB version, the ios 8 update created a huge problem as it needed 5.8 GB of free storage to install on their devices.  So they were left with 2 unpalatable choices.  Either to delete apps, games, pictures, movies and other content to make space for the upgrade or not to upgrade at all and miss those important updates, features and fixes.


Battery drain and Bluetooth issues

Since the ios 8 update, many of the users are reporting battery drain and Bluetooth issues.  On the apple support pages there are many complaints, and a lot of these are coming from users with the newer iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S devices.  For many, their battery life has reduced significantly to 4 or 5 hours, requiring them to recharge their phones several times a day.

Source: Apple Support Communities

iPhone 5S user – raghuseeth1

My battery drains very fast (100% to zero in about 4 hours with minimal usage), started happening right after I upgraded to iOS 8. Issue started happening both on my iPhone 5S and on my iPad Air after iOS 8 upgrade.

I am also having bluetooth issues on my iPhone 5S, the bluetooth sync in my car behaves very weirdly after I link it up with my phone. It tries to call one of my contacts and then hangs up. It goes in this loop for ever.

Can someone help ??

iPhone 5 user – yyj_jay

My wife and I both have iPhone 5 units and since the upgrade the batteries are draining incredibly fast. My phone was 100% charged at 0800 this morning and it’s now 1345 and I’m at 29% and dropping fast. I’ve ‘Reset Settings’ and turned a bunch of background stuff off, etc., etc. This is unacceptable. I can’t use my phone without charging it constantly. I have two email push services (Gmail and iCould) and have been just normal iMessage texting. No heavy usage and no phone calls. This needs to be fixed!!


Unable to detect or connect to WiFi

On the apple support pages there are complaints from some users who are unable to connect to wifi.  This is not a new problem, but did occur during the previous  ios 7.1.2 update and has been a recurring problem with many of their devices.

iPhone 5 user – Aleathem

Source: Apple Support Communities

Since upgrading the software on my iphone 5 to ios 8 yesterday, my phone is no longer picking up any wifi signals. I have tried reseting the network settings and upon reboot it shows the signals in the area only for them to drop after about 20 seconds and then not return. (My ipad is connecting to the signals absolutely fine so it is not the router with the problem)

With that I then did a full system reset back to factory settings, and in the set up pages after reboot, it was still unable to pick up any wifi signals.

I am fearful that ios8 has somehowe broken the hardware as the software reset hasnt made it work?

Any idea’s anyone?

iPhone 5 user – ORFisherman

Source: Apple Support Communities

ditto here….so angry at Apple….just to meet their release commitment they release this untested crap. Wifi and video playback, specifically websites loading for first time and Netflix playback, is DEAD! I can wait minutes to load Google front page and videos on Netflix are staggered. I did a wifi settings reset and it helped but still see sporadic issues. Ipad4 Retina, 64g… now a doorstop!

anyone find any relief?


The long list of problems being experienced by users of apple devices after the ios 8 upgrade is enough to make it a very frustrating experience.  Many of the existing customers were angered because they expected the upgrade to be backward compatible and not impact their older devices.  Especially since they had paid a premium amount for them and they were still being supported.  On twitter as well as the Apple support forums, there were many users voicing their frustrations and seeking assistance for broken functionality caused by the ios 8 upgrade.

Among the other problems reported were:


The common quote that many of us hear being repeated over and over by those who praise Apple as a brand is that “It just works”  Clearly this is a false myth being repeated by those who have been deluded by the multi-billion dollar marketing machinery that Apple has at its disposal.

The fact that these iPhone users are actually experiencing these problems with an update is insane and questions the testing strategy being employed by Apple.  It does not seem like the intention for ios 8 was to work on previous devices.  And if that is the case then Apple needs to level with its customers and tell them so instead of hiding behind a wall of silence.  But since they are not saying so then we can assume that they really intended for it to work for those devices, but the testing to ensure that it did not break their functionality was not adequate.


For those Apple users who are trapped and frustrated by the above problems there is a way out.  Especially for those who once used a BlackBerry, but migrated to ios over the last couple of years.  There is a way out which will give you freedom from the clutches of the “walled garden” that Apple has become.  It is called BlackBerry 10.



BlackBerry 10 a much newer operating system that has been around for about a year and a half and right now it is running circles around rapidly aging ios.  Especially where basic functionality is concerned

  • It has a superior browser
  • You can download music, movies or any other media content from the internet.  You are not restricted to iTunes
  • Much better battery life
  • It has a better antenna and can pick up signals in cases where the iPhone cannot
  • It’s multitasking is heads and shoulders above what available in ios
  • You can access the file system and easily transfer your content back and forth to a laptop or any other storage device
  • It is a better emailing and communication device
  • You can send emails with multiple attachments
  • Superior keyboards – virtual and physical
  • Unified inbox and notification system
  • Better security
  • It has hdmi ports to connect to other devices such as a TV or projector.  You don’t need to buy propriety equipment like Apple TV
  • It has a SD slot for expandable storage

If you are dissatisfied with your iPhone, or if it is not performing up to scratch or you want to break free from the “walled garden” you can! Retire your iPhone, go to the store and get yourself a BlackBerry 10 device today!

You will be a lot happier and glad that you did.



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