The Internet of Things And Blackberry’s Project Ion

The Internet Of Things

The Internet of things has been very much in the news lately.  One of the reasons why this is gaining momentum is that in today’s world, there are approximately 10 billion everyday devices from your car, phone, electric meters, home appliances and many others that send and receive data.  So in order to ensure that there is an adequate and secure infrastructure in place to facilitate the communication with these devices, as well as to allow the collection of data for business, diagnostics, regulatory and marketing purposes, the Internet of Things initiative was derived.

Alec Saunders, VP, QNX Cloud Business sat down for an interview with Jon Brunder of O’Reilly Media to discuss BlackBerry’s own Project Ion. This initiative will use QNX technology as the operating system for a secure and robust application platform that will allow businesses to both access and manage the data coming from these devices that will be uploaded to a Cloud Infrastructure.  What this will do is to allow it to be transformed into meaningful, actionable information using open source and third party analytic tools.”

Source: The Internet of Things Is Just The Beginning – BlackBerry

There’s an evolution underway. Project Ion is the internal code name for a series of initiatives from BlackBerry that will enable customers to realize their vision for the Internet of Things and transform the customer experience.

We’ve partnered with market innovators like the Application Developers Alliance and the Industrial Internet Consortium to help shape and accelerate on-boarding to the IoT.

The facilitation of an IoT ecosystem enables innovation among hardware and software developers, application providers and operators.

At the center of it all is a cloud based secure public applications platform and powered by QNX Software Systems that is:

Simple: Easy to implement and manage. Translate data into one
common language to quickly extract meaningful information from
multiple data sources.

Secure: Protect your data and your users. Security from BlackBerry
extends to the cloud enabling management of billions of connected
devices without compromise.

Scalable: Dependable performance and stability. Capable of
supporting exabytes of data daily by leveraging   trusted open source

Project Ion is just another example of the new direction that BlackBerry is taking under CEO John Chen.  With this project, they are anticipating a future need by being very proactive to ensure that they are in a position to provide a valuable service and at the same time provide a new revenue stream expand their brand.


As you see, BlackBerry is very much alive, innovative and a company on the move.  In recent months, there have been several announcements, giving us some a snapshot of some of the other things they are working on.

It is not a dying company as some naysayers in the media and tech blogs want the general public to believe.  It is not on the verge or bankruptcy.  It’s BB10 operating system and devices is a lot faster, modern and vastly different from the BBOS5 and BBOS6 that a lot of people still reference when they talk about Blackberry devices.  It is a company that has a lot of good things going for it and if Blackberry continues in this direction of innovating and offering products and services to meet anticipated demand, they will be around for a very long time.


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