The Handmaid’s Tale Premiers Season 3

Hulu drops three episodes in the new season of the hit show for the season 3 premiere.

The Handmaid’s Tale premiered season 3 earlier this week with three new episodes. I greedily watched them all immediately. This show is one of the most compelling series I’ve watched, for so many reasons.

Based on the classic novel by Margaret Atwood, this story centers around a woman named June. She becomes a handmaid referred to as Offred, because in this dystopia women’s identities have been erased. They are known by their role or by the man that controls them. Handmaids are trained and traded for the purpose of propagating the species as many women in this future are unable to conceive a child. June was ripped from her husband, and her child given to another “more suitable” family to raise, so June could be used as a brood mare.

The social and cultural commentary are densely woven into the fabric of each episode. It has become an anthem of empowerment and women’s equal rights. Alternate lifestyles are forbidden, and we see what happens when intolerance tips the balance for the sake of “morality.” Season three promises to tip their existence on its end in an effort to right it. Check out the trailer below:

The cast is equally powerful in their respective roles. As June/Offred, Elizabeth Moss (The West Wing, Mad Men) is mesmerizing. She brings such gravity to the silences. Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, Dexter) has a stoic grace and fearful stare as Commander Waterford’s wife. Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love, American Horror Story) leads the household as a magnetic, yet weak-willed Commander Waterford.

If you’ve not watched the show, catch up on the entire series on Hulu. New episodes are available every Wednesday. Come back and share your thoughts once you do!

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