The Great OS Debate (or Why #IChooseBlackBerry10)

There’s this huge debate going on right now. This debate is being driven by a bias media, an uninformed populace, and hidden agendas. And no, I’m not talking about the US Presidential Elections for 2016. …Whoa, I just went political. Eep.

The debate to which I am referring involves the device that is most likely sitting either very closely to you or is currently in your hand: your smartphone. It is the Great OS Debate. Let me provide this caveat: this is opinion, based on my experience trying to navigate other Operating Systems, and failing. Why? Because my expectations and experience with BlackBerry (even pre-BB10) are far higher and more elegant than their systems allow.

BlackBerry Passport: My Daily Driver
BlackBerry Passport: My Daily Driver

First, let’s look at the challengers. And I’ll try my best to hold back my bile… (Goodness, that’s harsh.)

Now iPhonians may be (assuming there are any reading this) thinking, “What debate? iPhone already has the market cornered. Obvs they are the best.” On their website, Apple touts iOS 9 as, “The most advanced mobile experience. Now even more so.” However, iOS 9 lacks the sophistication I need to feel productive and efficient in everyday life. It feels slow, bulky. I look at it’s “modern design” and colorful graphics, and as a former preschool teacher all I can think is, “What a pretty toy.”  It’s a platform for apps, nothing more. Yes there’s an app for everything under the sun, but what can the OS do outside of the apps it carries? It took them years to adapt to attachments in emails and using [their form of] gestures. Apple is notorious for “improving” others’ IP and claiming it as theirs. All this speaks to a lack of design and innovation, both of which are often listed as their strong points. Therefore, I remain dubious.

This one is a little more tricky. It is essentially another variance of an app platform, and with it comes the same issues of performance and native builds. I do find slightly more functionality in it on a professional level because I have a work-issued Galaxy tablet and we use some Google services as a result. As such, I’m more familiar with it, and I’m able to navigate the rather convoluted UI a little more smoothly. As I said earlier, this is an opinion. Ultimately, I would never choose an Android device as a daily driver. In my estimation, it simply has been found wanting. It’s saving grace is that BlackBerry has seen enough potential in it to build a bridge to close the gap between availability and performance by bringing us the Priv.

And therein lies the source of the new OS debate: the Priv. This phone has broken so many molds for BlackBerry and for the mobile media mindset. It has skyrocketed BlackBerry back into the daily dialogue for something other than the doomsday naysayers. And it has proven that Android can be a functioning OS (with the added BlackBerry touch).

All that being said, there is still only one OS for me, and that is Blackberry 10. In fact, BlackBerry has so ensconced itself into my smartphone ideology, I hear of different UI or settings issues in Android and iOS and it seems almost alien. Even in BBOS devices with push notifications, integrated email accounts, the Message hub that kept everything together and just a click away… I guess I was spoiled by BlackBerry long before they brought out the next gen OS. It makes all other operating systems feel unfinished, superficial. BlackBerry 10 has the native build to make even the savviest of smartphone users continuously awed at the practicality of things such as gestures, settings, integrated UI, privacy, and personalization. It pioneered the nuance and the performance capabilities, and the challengers are just now starting to catch up. It’s effortless design seems tailor-made to keep me motivated, keep me connected, and keep me moving forward each day. That’s why #IChooseBlackberry10.

Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.