The Great Multitasking Debate Concluded – We Have a Winner


Ever since the launch of BB10, there has been countless discussion all over blogs and forums about multitasking and which OS can truly accomplish this feat.

Many of you might remember my post when I first encountered the power of BB10 and its multitasking capabilities. For those of  you who may not, here is a quick run down.

Over 2 years ago I first purchased my Z10 and loved the device.  One evening, I was sitting down with my pregnant wife to watch a movie. The lights were of in the room and before we started, I received a text with a link to a YouTube video in it.  Naturally I started watching the video.  While this was happening, my wife was looking for the remote in the dark.  I noticed and quickly minimized the video and turned on the flashlight to look for it as well.  To my surprise, the video kept playing while the flashlight was on.

While this was happening, I received a text from the person who sent me the video asking me what I thought. I was able to respond to the text while the video was playing and the flashlight was on.  I was amazed because I haven’t been able to do anything like that before.  My wife, an iPhone user (no I won’t divorce her) was even more amazed since she’s never been able to do this either.

Fast forward to today.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen many discussions and sometimes arguments about what OS truly multitasks and what just suspends things in the background to give the illusion of multitasking.  And to be honest, I can’t begin to say how the inner workings of an OS truly work but I can put things into practice to find out for myself.

Just yesterday, my daughter who is now a freshly walking 1 year old was watching a YouTube video on the iPad of her favorite show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  As I was sitting with her, I noticed Bluetooth was on which seems to happen a lot on its own now since iOS 8.  No wanting Bluetooth to be on all the time (force of habit for battery consumption) I swiped up to the quick settings on the iPad.  And much to my surprise, the video stopped playing till I swiped out of the quick settings.

So yes as I said before, I’m no OS expert but one thing I can say from observation is, BB10 is the ultimate multitasking machine that some of the other major platforms can’t come close to matching.