The Great Apple Debate: Series Part 1

This is one subject that has got me thinking a lot, about corporate responsibility, the balance between consumer privacy and law enforcement requests, and in Apple’s case what looks like a simple case of corporate spin.


To set the background, I work within the regulatory field, specifically relating to financial crime and the institution’s responsibility of establishing adequate Systems and Controls, and ensuring that such institution is not being used to facilitate financial crime which includes financing terrorism.

While what I do is not directly related to the current and developing news in relation to Apple, and requests for releasing information to law enforcement agencies in order to continue its investigations relating to terrorism, there are parallels between both worlds, such as releasing information on request from valid court orders, etc.

In both cases, the parallels of producing such information on request, not only for the purpose of abiding by the law, but simply doing the right thing.

In addition, Apple should also provide the information based on a valid court document, not only to protect itself from reputational damage and litigation from the law, but also from its customers, especially those of the victims’ families who were killed in such terrorist acts.

So let’s look and interpret the events from the beginning as it happened. December 2015 when Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife killed 14 people before they were fatally shot themselves.

Much has been written since then about these terrible acts and naturally any law enforcement body would want to uncover known associates of the couple, so as to protect not only American citizens from further attacks, but any citizen anywhere in the world, especially as there are cross-border law enforcement agreements and cooperation in place.

Is Apple doing the right thing?

To be continued…

Observation Junkie

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  • parapep10

    This Apple situation is getting out of hand. Think about your personal stuff or private stuff in your own home could be search with a warrant especially for any criminal investigation. My phone or your phone is no different.

    • Martin


  • Observation Junkie

    Parapep, that’s absolutely correct. Here, and probably anywhere in the western world, a warrant is not issued out without the law enforcement having a case and some probable cause case which needs to be presented to the judge.

  • Robert

    Very nice write up OJ. This whole issue is just stupid. Apple actually saying they’re not going to comply with a court order and the government not doing anything…I bet you my left nut if it was any Tom, Dick or Harry they’d be in jail right now bunking with Sagittarius “Half man, half horse”. locco_smiley_8

    How long would Tim last???

  • Observation Junkie

    Thanks Robert, well it’s going to get more interesting in days to come.

    Let’s see which one of the two outcomes happen, Apple caves in and provides the information or they get into some serious trouble for not complying to a court order.

  • fishlove73

    Apple is NOT doing the right thing. Complying with what’s required in the warrant would be the correct thing to do. To me, Apple is the ultimate crap company. They are hypocrites. Not only giving the public a thorough hose job by Publicly not agreeing to a warrant,pretending to care about privacy, but also YEARS of selling personal data in one form or another.

    An now, because Timmy boy is pulling this wacked PR stunt in a sick attempt to convince sheep that their Icraps are secure…does this mean that governments will step in to regulate how encryption is done? Is a bad Apple going to spoil it for everyone?

  • Anthony

    Tim Cook, a.k.a Tim Crook locco_smiley_39

  • Martin

    Apples theme song “lies, lies…everywhere lies”

  • Observation Junkie

    Martin, I think Apple has taken a potentially dangerous decision by not complying with the law.

    All its likely to do is for the government to introduce harmful and extreme legislation.

    The whole point is for Apple to do the right thing…

    • Martin

      I completely agree OJ, Apple is hiding behind the lie that they actually care about their users privacy.

  • Observation Junkie

    Martin, I have the next 2 parts in the series completed. Just waiting for them to be reviewed.

    Has a little more views on the whole subject of Apple, it’s communication and the kind of messages it sends out to the wrong kinds of people who may be abusing it’s phones…

    • Martin

      I’m looking forward to it OJ

  • Observation Junkie

    Thanks Martin, I hope the article works out well.